Hello, my wonderful friends! I am both happy and proud to be able to add the immeasurably amazing work of Adam Willis’ phenomenal series “Eggs Over Willis” to the content of my website.


Eggs Over Willis is a weird, unusual and highly entertaining show which is getting more and more bizarre with every passing episode. Each new episode, released every Wednesday features Adam, who has a strong aversion to eggs having to endure increasingly horrific egg filled recipes. The episodes are funny, dark, enchanting and enjoyable, and Adam’s suffering is a joy to watch.


Adam’s work with Willis and Vere has previously hit exceptional heights with The Starship Osiris, in which George Vere is dashing, handsome and magnificent and Adam is relatively mediocre. A Serious Pay about World War II, which is anything but serious and devolves into utter chaos despite George Vere being dashing, handsome and magnificent, and Genuis, in which George plays a dashing, handsome and magnificent actor, there to talk about his memoirs, and improvises with Adam, who plays a hapless nimrod who has the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was dragged in to interview him when he interviewer didn’t show up.


Adam is a talented actor who I happened to get to know, sadly only too briefly when I was training at the accursed Colchester Institute, a hive of scum and villainy, despite some and I emphasise SOME excellent teachers. Adam was one of the original team who helped me work on the first iteration of Chan Walrus, and despite the episode never being aired, made my day with his exceptional performances and pronunciation of the word misoneism.


I love Adam’s work for his excellent stagecraft, beautiful comic timing, and his unparalleled ability to be a human punching bag for the audience’s enjoyment, and I am honoured that he has allowed me to host his work. 

To watch Eggs Over Willis/A grown man suffering for your own sadistic enjoyment, Click Here: https://chanwalrus.com/egg

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