S:1 E:2 Bodywarp

Series 1: Episode: 2 - Bodywarp Walrus persuades Mandrake to accompany him to Aurora, a planet many light years away in order to assist his old acquaintance, Terry B. Traitormass. Traitormass, known as the Man With A Thousand Faces has a long history with Walrus in...

S:1 E:1 What Lurks Above

Series 1: Episode: 1 - What Lurks Above Something truly scary is lurking in the vents in the Galactipol patrol ship that Walrus and Mandrake stole last episode. They have no idea what it is, what it looks like and what it's obviously sketchy motives are! Will they be...

Pilot – Ones and Zeros

Series 1: Pilot – Ones and Zeros Walrus and Mandrake are on the run from Galactipol's Avery Veil, who's spaceship they've stolen! Avery has commandeered a Space Freighter from the Miner's guild and tries to chase down our gruesome twosome before they can reach the...
Episode 1: Ones and Zeroes

Walrus and mandrake find themselves on the run from Galactipol officer Avery Veil. Having stolen Avery’s ship complete with it’s precious cargo of aubergines, Walrus and Mandrake go on the run with Avery in hot persuit in a Space Freighter, which he himself has stolen in order to capture our daring duo! Will Avery catch up with Walrus and Mandrake before they can get to the asteroid belt? Only time will tell!

Episode 2: What Lurks Above

Something is lurking in the vents above and only Mandrake is brave enough to handle it. No one knows what it is exactly, but we’re sure it’s very scary. Will Mandrake be able to destroy the creature before it does something sinister, Will Walrus master up the courage to get involved? Who knows!

Episode 3: Bodywarp

A visit to Walrus’ old friend Terry B. Traitormass goes awry. Traitormass, known as The Man With a Thousand Faces has betrayed everyone up to this point, howaaever his treachery seems to be happening at inopportune moment and only Walrus can help him get to the bottom of it. Will Walrus be able to help his old friend, or will Traitormass betray him?

Chan Walrus: Space Adventurer

Chan Walrus is a weird science fiction series based on common tropes in science fiction and inspired in some ways by Red Dwarf, Farscape and Blake’s 7. Though frankly Blake’s 7 is probably the biggest inspiration as it shows you can make a lot with very little. I started working on the show when I was very, very young and though I’ve grown a lot older, it’s still one of the things that keeps me going.

Cast and Crew


Rikki Lovett: Rikki lives a double life. On one hand, a dynamic and experienced space adventurer, on the other he drinks more cider than is humanly possible. Due to these amazing abilities, it’s only natural that he would be one of my initial dashing duo! Rikki is one hell of a friend and I’ve known him from school days. As he’s worked with me on almost every single awful film I’ve made, he was someone I knew I could always rely on in a pinch! Check out his channel: The Cider Drinker on YouTube: here!

Chris Gibbs: Chris is the curly haired heart-throb I wanted to bring in to get the ladies watching. Originally he was only going to be in for a double episode and one extra appearance, his performance as the treacherous Terry B. Traitormass With eyes as soft as the down on a new born duckling – who could have imagined he would steal the show! I couldn’t help but emotionally blackmail him into being a permanent member of the crew!

Will Grantham: Will is probably best known for being the creator of the Absorbaloff in Doctor Who. He also makes a lot of video essays on YouTube which have made him a lot more popular than me!When he’s not making first class monsters for second rate sci fi series, Will spends his time fighting with evil estate agents, growing his hair long, making him look like a great wee girlie and reminiscing with Sonic and Spider Man. Check out his YouTube channel: here!

Chan Walrus: I am the prematurely balding creator of Chan Walrus. I wrote, filmed, directed and starred in a show being filmed in my garage – this was before I was even introduced to Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace! Darkplace changed things for me and I realised the show needed a complete reboot. Here I am aged in my 30’s still trying to make something on a zero-budget. I’m either a hero or insane.

Technical Team and Arts:

Martin Bower: Martin Bower is the creator of the guns used in Chan Walrus: Space Adventurer, which were originally designed for Blake’s 7! A seasoned model making expert, he’s been a steadfast friend and emotional support since I started my wacky space adventures! Martin’s worked on a few science fiction projects before, and is quite a seasoned artisan, some of his works have been used in Alien, Doctor Who and Space: 1999!

Michael Hazelwood: I met Michael between a rock and a hard place writhing in a world of insanity. He really helped me out of it! Michael has been an amazing friend and is one of the Graphics Wizards working on the series!

Sair Feather: Sair was cut from the Bladerunner universe for being too dangerous for Deckard to handle. She supplies me with some amazing science fiction imagery for the series and has been a reliable rock in the swirling miasma of my creative work!


Dan Pound: Dan is the musician behind the shamanistic soundtracks to Chan Walrus: Space Adventurer. His music is weird, alien and fantastic. The only problem is that once you start listening to it, you can’t stop!
Check out his website: here!



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