Series: 1 Pilot
Title: Ones and Zeroes

Walrus and Mandrake find themselves on the run from Galactipol officer Avery Veil. Having stolen Avery’s ship, complete with it’s cargo of precious aubergines, Walrus and Mandrake go on the run with Avery in hot pursuit in a Space Freighter which he himself has stolen in order to capture our dashing duo! Will Avery catch up with Walrus and Mandrake before they can get to the asteroid belt? Only time will tell!

Series: 1 Episode: 1
Title: What Lurks Above

Something is lurking in the vents above and only Mandrake is brave enough to handle it. No one knows what it is exactly, but we’re sure it’s very scary. Will Mandrake be able to destroy the creature before it does something sinister, Will Walrus master up the courage to get involved? Who knows!

Series: 1 Episode: 2
Title: Bodywarp

A visit to Walrus’ old friend Terry B. Traitormass goes awry. Traitormass, known as The Man With a Thousand Faces has betrayed everyone up to this point, howaaever his treachery seems to be happening at inopportune moment and only Walrus can help him get to the bottom of it. Will Walrus be able to help his old friend, or will Traitormass betray him?

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