The Wall of Support!

This is the MIGHTY Wall of Support where all those who have supported me in my endeavours to create awful content find themselves engraved! Smaller than the Great Wall of China, but just as trendy! Thanks to everyone who’s supported me through thick and thin!


James O'Neil

James O'Neil


This is my father. Without him, I would never have gotten as far as I have. I owe pretty much all I am to him, well most of the good stuff! Sadly he has passed on however he will always remain a part of my life and my work. The little child in the picture is me. Look how handsome I was… What the hell happened?
Yanick Bourbeau

Yanick Bourbeau


I met Yanick on Reddit and we started working on a computer game with the talented Stefan Sava. Yanick is the owner of Shadebob Games, a company I now slave for.
Jeff Landauer

Jeff Landauer


I’ve known Jeff for many years as he’s one of the owners of a game I love to play. Jeff’s allowed me to use models from the game in order to make my science fiction series! Play his game, Starsonata!
Benjamin Martian

Benjamin Martian

Actual Martian!

Benjamin Martian is one of the most awesome creators in the world. His work on the amazing Tigtone and Real Fake Blood Films is astounding!




Past Patreons

Andrew Tarr


Supporters of My Music


Full Discography:
Here are people who have bought my entire discography on Bandcamp. These people have really helped me by allowing me to pursue my dreams. I am extremely grateful to them for supporting my work which is for all intents and purposes basically free.

Sean Grainger
Daniel Litzinger
Chris Nipp
Dwayne Farver
Richard Whitfield



These wonderful people have supported me by buying my individual soundtracks that I’ve written for my projects. Thank you to all of them!

Gülsüm Tanyeli
Sydney Kasahara
Michael Hall
Johan Bägerfeldt
Connor Novotny
Connor O’Keane
Nathan Garavaglia
TG Leibbrandt
Austin Wells
Marcus Tennant
Jason Harlow
Stephen Reid
Oliver Semple
John Puerner
Bob Noble
Lewis Pollard
Josh Scherping
Kristopher Roller
Kurstin Mecey
Tyler Pearce
Michael Hardenberg


These lovely people have supported my work by buying single tunes and songs I’ve written. Thank you all very much!

Ryan Clarke
Mark Chambers
Jared Major
Marina Quave
Nico Mahler
Derek Kaleida
Thomas Edman
Simon Cluett
Zekria Altimimi
Johnny Vong
Leigh Carr
Anton Vendland


These people have contributed to helping keep my art working through other sources such as PayPal and Pexels.

Richard Halligan
Anna Hicks
Ben Trombacco
Pippa Thomas
Steve Heath



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