Being Arrested in Space Station 13 [SS13 Guides]

If you have committed a crime. Drop any weapons you are carrying, open a channel on the intercom and tell everyone you are coming in peacefully and that you are unarmed. Ask for an officer to be at sec to process you and let them know you are heading down there. If you are in a room and sec is outside, even if you have just had a firefight, throw your weapons out and tell them you surrender, and are coming out peacefully. Do not under any circumstances resist arrest no matter how serious your crime.

If sec shoot you or hurt you and you are cooperating they are using unnecessary force during the arrest, which is regarded as misconduct in law. This can get you out of trouble easier and help in your case.

After you are taken in by sec, they need to read you your Miranda rights. If they do not, they are improperly doing their job, and any evidence seized against your will is seized illegally. This can no longer be used against you as it was improperly obtained. It’s worse for sec if they strip you publicly as this is a violation of your rights. 

You can and should ask for a space lawyer and tell them to watch my videos on space law. Not only will this help your case but it will help my watch time. 

If you are interviewed, you should state your name. Any questions you are asked you should reply with no comment. Nothing you can ever say to sec will ever help you in a court of space law. 

Know that your meeting is most likely being recorded and do not disclose any facts to your lawyer or anyone else. Your lawyer will be able to protect you better this way. If you reveal anything that could point the finger of guilt at you, you might be in trouble as they cannot keep potential evidence hidden.

Be polite and friendly. If they are recording you, it will help later in court. Tell them during the interview that you don’t intend to say anything other than no comment to everything and would rather save sec time. Do not crack, no matter what the sec team interrogator says to you, just respond to everything with no comment.

Demand a fair trial. No matter your crime, it is up to the prosecution to find you guilty and the worse your crimes, the harder it will be to get a sentence and the more proof they will need. Relax, sit back and let your lawyer ruin everyone’s day.

In court, you should be represented by someone trained in space law. Failing a lawyer appearing, you can appeal to the AI, using Law 1, as incarceration and punishment are classified as harm it will do everything it can to help you.

Guide to Space Law in Space Station 13

Do you like being beaten up? Do you like your client being killed? If so, Space Law is the way forward.

Before you begin. There are three things to know. Your client is an idiot and probably guilty. The prosecution is an idiot and has most likely never prosecuted before. The judge is an idiot and is probably unqualified and therefore easily persuaded.

What to Do When Your Client is Arrested!

As soon as security calls in a client has been apprehended, you will want to broadcast a message on the station channel: “I am representing *clients name* I will meet you at the security offices where the client is being detained. *clients name* say No Comment to everything, you have the right to remain silent and you do not have to talk without a lawyer present. At this point, the prosecution will mostly realise they are screwed. 

You will get a chance to briefly talk with your client before you talk to Security about the alleged crimes. Tell them to say no comment to everything. Any evidence gathered by audio recording without you present is invalid and inadmissible in court, so if your client has messed up that’s fine. 

The Arrest: Talk with both Security and your client about the arrest. 

The questions you should ask Security:

Why was my client arrested?

What was my client doing during the arrest?

Did you follow due process?

Did you read them their rights on arrest?


Due process is bringing the suspect in with minimum force required. Using handcuffs to restrain and being as respectful as possible. They need to tell your client they are going to search them before doing so. They can then rifle through the belongings and get their fingerprints and fibers all over everything if they are incompetent. 

If the officers failed to read your client their rights, you can move that they acted inappropriately in court. You can also state that they have incarcerated your client unlawfully.


The questions you should ask the client:

Did the officers read you your rights?

Did the officers assault you?

Did the officers strip you in public?

Did the officers ask before they went through your belongings?


This information will hopefully help prove that the officers most likely had no idea how to arrest your client, potentially have unlawfully detained them and have committed an act of violent assault against your client. However it is not your job to prosecute them! You use this information to prove the sec team are incompetent and incapable of doing their jobs correctly. This will go in your client’s favor.

Make sure to let sec know: In space court:  the prosecution must disclose to the defendant all evidence that proves guilt as well as all evidence that proves innocence before the trial in order for you to build a case. If they withhold evidence or information this is illegal and will result in your client going free. It may seem tempting to grab all the evidence and jump out the airlock but resourceful sec will send assistants out to retrieve these items and it will not reflect well on your client’s case.

Before the trial you should be allowed a chance to talk with your client. If you do not get this, you can state this at the beginning of the trial and move for mistrial.  They do not have to speak unless they want to. They can still say no comment to everything. You should tell them that the best thing is to let you answer for them. You are an experienced lawyer and you will be able to defend them.