Welcome to Eggs Over Willis, the show where a man who doesn’t like eggs, eats eggs.

Starring: Adam Willis - Head Chef

Starring: Adam Willis - Head Chef

“This show is eggsactly how I didn’t want my life to turn out…”

Eggpisode: 53 – Chocolate Eggclair

Are you hankering for a delicious after meal treat? If so, prepare yourself for a heavenly Chocolate Eggclair, lovingly made by head chef Adam, for your enjoyment!

Thanks to Dan Linney for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 52 – Strawberry Milkshegg

In this episode, Adam prepares a delicious Strawberry Milkshegg! A firm favorite of mountaineers, the Strawberry Milkshegg is packed full of all kinds of nutritional value and fulfills at least one of your five a day!

Thanks to Emma Kendall for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 51 – Salt And VinEGGa Crisps

In this episode, Adam has a hankering for Salt and Vinegga Crisps! An eclectic combination of protein and carbs, Salt and Vinegga crisps has been a popular choice in small town casinos for generations!

Thanks to Rosie Raven for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 50 – Yolka Cola

Today Adam brings us a truly tasty beverage! The warm, sweet, refreshing taste of Coke infused with eggy goodness, adding those essential amino acids to everyone’s favorite soft drink!

Thanks to Sara Lynam for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 49 – Shelloggs Cornflakes

In this speggtacular episode, Adam delights us with another rare recipe, wrestled from the arms of a legless mountain monk from morocco, Shelloggs Cornflakes were passed down by the ancient masters and have been a closely guarded secret for centuries!

Thanks to Tessa Mason for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 48 – Eggspresso

Have you ever woken up, necked 15 cups of coffee and found you’ve run out of energy? If so, this is the recipe for you! Adam brings us a delicious beverage that will leave you hankering for more, thick, creamy, meaty and with a faint hint of chicken! The Eggspresso is the finest drink for young athletes in Jaywick! 

Thanks to Steve Harrison for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 47 – Lily’s Fried Egg Sundae

In today’s episode, Adam introduces us to Lily’s Fried Egg Sundae. The perfect dessert that will have you screaming for more, masterfully crafted by the finest Eggsplorer known to man.

Thanks to Lily Ann Hersey for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 46 – Spaghetti Bol-Egg-Naise

From the hinterlands of Italy comes a spectacular dish, thought lost for years! Adam prepares a distinguished Spaghetti Bol-Egg-Naise, a fantastic main course that will soon be at an Italian restaurant near you!

Thanks to Lotte Horrie for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 45 – Millionaire Shortegg

Who doesn’t love to finish their meal with a delightful Millionaire Shortegg, truly the apogee of desserts, the Millionaire Shortegg is a combination of chocolate, caramel and egg, brought together in a perfectly harmonious fusion by our phenomenal chef, Adam!

Thanks to William Burren for the suggestion!

Eggpisode: 44 – Egg In My Beer

Do you like Beer? Do you like Eggs? If so this is the perfect choice for a lazy Sunday! Our magnanimously talented chef Adam prepares one of the finest beverages known to man, woman and elk in this fantastic episode!

Eggpisode: 43 – Egging Her On!

In this astounding episode, Adam talks to a live human woman! This was an unexpected turn of events.

Eggpisode: 42 – Bad Egg

Adam is well known as a good egg in the community, today he decides to re-roll true neutral by eating bad egg. This egg was a really bad egg. It did all kinds of crimes and was wanted by the law. Adam should be commended on his bravery. He shows us that with courage, we can face problems head on and gain valuable nutrition at the same time!

Eggpisode: 41 – Good Egg

Today Adam commited a crime against nature, he found the goodedest egg that there ever was, a egg that wented to bible camp, a egg that spent it’s life supporting charity and nursing the sick and the dying, and he ated it with his mouth for a stupid Instagram video. You should be ashamed of yourself Adam!.

Eggpisode: 40 – Over Egged Pudding

For the average Eggsplorer, most dare only with a moderately egged pudding. In this episode, our dashing daredevil chef Adam takes eggs to the next level by layering an EXTRA egg on top of the pudding. We watch in trepidation as he intrepidly moves in to devour!

Eggpisode: 39 – Grandma Sucks Eggs!

In this episode, Adam goes the extra mile and fulfills a quarter of his expected community service by teaching his grandma to suck eggs. We were all pleasantly surprised at his acumen and hope he finishes the rest of his sentence soon!

Eggpisode: 38 – Walking On Eggshells

There are times in our lives when we all must face the fear, we’ve done something wrong and we know it. In today’s episode, Adam shows us that sometimes, it’s better just to come out and say it, rather than walking on eggshells. Thank you for your sagacity!

Eggpisode: 37 – All Eggs, One Basket!

In today’s episode, Adam teaches us wisdom by showing us what happens when we put all our eggs in one beautifully crafted basket. I didn’t expect what follows and hope you too can learn a valuable lesson from it.

Eggpisode: 36 – Egg on Face

There are times wherein we must all face our demons! In today’s episode, Adam faces his head on and risks public humiliation and shame. We watch with baited breath!

Eggpisode: 35 – Omelette Uncracked!

If you are a mountain man, this is how you will have your omelette! No longer will you need to shell out for extra garnish thanks to Adam’s expert tips! 

Eggpisode: 34 – Tattoo Egg

Everyone knows that when you truly love something you get a tattoo of it. With tattoos sweeping the nation and rising in popularity, Adam takes his hatred of eggs to the next level, after all, we know there is but a thin line twixt love and hate, forsooth!

Eggpisode: 33 – Campfire Egg!

Who doesn’t love camping! Today our expert chef Adam makes a spectacular egg dish that can only be made with the rustic help of a nearby campfire! Delightful!

Eggpisode: 32 – Tea Stained Egg

Tea is the fuel of the English worker, and as a true Englishman, Adam proves it on this episode where he prepares the quaint and curious Tea Stained Egg, a dish invented by the Queen herself!

Eggpisode: 31 – Powdered Egg

Are you an Astronaut? Do you Live in a Cave? If so, powdered egg might be the egg for you! Today Adam prepares some powdered egg, a specialist dish for a specialist lifestyle!

Eggpisode: 30 – Live Egg

Coming to you live from a small hovel possibly in Jaywick, Adam bravely films Live Egg in front of a live studio audience! We knew they were live because all of them had a pulse! Eggs are not pulses, for the record, those are lentils, beans and peas, so they have no place in this show.

Eggpisode: 29 – Cured Egg

Are you worried? Are your eggs sick? If so, maybe Adam’s new recipe for Cured Egg can help! In this episode, he cures the eggs, he eats the eggs, and everyone wins!

Eggpisode: 28 – Vegan Egg

What were you expecting Adam?

Eggpisode: 27 – Easter Egg

It was a nice day in Easter and Adam awoke, he prepared for the day with a scrub and a soak, he didn’t cop out and he went to find eggs, but he arrived late and was left with the dregs. He picked them all up, eager hand without glove, and noted they were painted with kindness and love, he took them back home but sadly then things went south, as soon as he put those warm eggs in his mouth…

Eggpisode: 26

Somewhere over the rainbow, Adam eats eggs.

Eggpisode: 25 – Green Eggs and Ham

Do you love eggs, do you love spam? Do you love eating green eggs and ham? Prepared for his audience with a tender gaze, and prepared for later, with flatulent haze, our daring chef Adam makes us green eggs and ham, and as expected, all goes as planned!

Eggpisode: 24 – Egg Drop Soup

A masterful concoction of all the perfect elements, Adam prepares us a phenomenal Egg Drop Soup, a dish so delicious, it was described by the Prince of Persia as the reason his game franchise failed.

Eggpisode: 23 – Meringue

Adam prepares a simple Meringue using the standard technique. He misses out on a great opportunity by doing this early in the year. If he had waited til Halloween, he could have made Boo-Meringue. Ah Adam, this is why you need to hire me!

Eggpisode: 22 – Cloud Egg

So good George Lucas named an entire city after them in the Star Wars franchise. (A series of films that was almost as popular as Eggs Over Willis.) As George tried to capitalise on Adam’s fame, Adam capitalises on the power of Eggs and Clouds combining them beautifully for all to see! Divine!

Eggpisode: 21 – Verteggo Egg

In a shameful endorsement for the Verteggo, Adam shills out to the disappointment of his audience, friends, and family. We are all thoroughly disgusted and feel nothing but shame and loathing for knowing him.

Eggpisode: 20 – Prairie Oyster

Are you looking for the drink of a lifetime? Do you like eggs, but want to avoid real oysters? Do you like combining stupid ingredients to make the world’s most awful drink? Well neither did Adam.

To make Prairie Oyster You Will Need:

A Raw Egg
Worcester Sauce
Vinnegar/Hot Sauce (Tobasco is a stupid choice!)
Black Pepper
Tomato Juice
Self Loathing

Break the egg into a glass. Smash all the ingredients in whatever quantities you feel like. Neck it all in one go and try not to puke. Break the Yolk and I’ll break your legs.


Eggpisode: 19 – Love Egg (18+)

If you are as popular with the ladies as our main super chef Adam, this might be the only way you ever see any action! In today’s eggciting episode, he turns up the heat for valentine’s day! Warning: This episode features adult situations, extreme stupidity and should not be watched by anyone.

Eggpisode: 18 – Pickled Egg

Are you in a pickle? Well so was Adam when he was hypnotized into making this episode of Eggs Over Willis! Still he did it, and the results were exactly as eggspected!

Eggpisode: 17 – Eggs Benedict

A long time ago, Adam trained to be an actor. He tried, and he failed as expected. Later he discovered you are what you eat, and in an attempt to become Benedict Cumberbatch, he ate Eggs Benedict. After this Adam went on to a successful career, and Benedict Cumberbatch faded into obscurity. But Adam still didn’t like the eggs. For years, he went to therapy, until one day, one of his many fans came up to him and said: Why don’t you just stop making the show? Adam, enlightened but burdened with responsibility, continues to make the show, knowing that he can quit at any time… Any time Adam… Any time…  

Eggpisode: 16 – Egg Salad

The Egg Salad is a popular dish in many restaurants across the country. Not only is it cheap to make, and easy to prepare, but it also gives you astounding wind as the vegetables and egg play havoc with your digestive system. Lovingly prepared by our master chef Adam, for your enjoyment. Always!

Eggpisode: 15 – Cambodian Street Egg

Cambodian Street Food is one of the most popular ways to impress your partner if you are travelling in those parts. Today, master chef Adam prepares and ravenously devours a Cambodian Street Egg for your viewing pleasure!

Eggpisode: 14 – Quiche

No one really knows what Quiche is. But for some reason people still eat it. Today Adam prepares Quiche. How unfortunate.

Eggpisode: 13 – Scotch Egg

The Scotch are a noble and proud people located in the great caves and lochs beyond the industrial north. Invented in 1284 by William Wallace, it is a food so rough and ready that only the Scotch and Adam dare attempt it!  

Eggpisode: 12 – Egg Nog

Egg Nog is the main reason we have Christmas, along with sprouts. Together they create an unholy amount of wind, as Adam found out shortly after making this video. Hurricane Adam ravaged the United States of Algebra and gave mathematics a bad name at the local university!

Eggpisode: 11 – Egg McMuffin

Lovingly prepared by the food surgeons at McDonalds, the Egg McMuffin contains a delightfully unhealthy amount of MSG, will this be enough to sate Adam’s tender tastebuds allowing him to absorb the egginess within? Who knows!

Eggpisode: 10 – Raw Egg

Made famous by Rocky Balboa, Adam adds a small handful of herbs to truly bring the dish into it’s own. It looks delicious, and I’m almost envious…

Eggpisode: 9 – Egg In A Basket

Who does Adam think he’s fooling? That’s not a basket. It’s bread. In this episode of Eggs Over Willis, Adam lets down the audience yet again with a dismal display of culinary ineptitude. Enjoy!

Eggpisode: 8 – Trick Or Treat Egg!

Prepare yourself for a spooktacular event! Adam will eat Trick or Treat Eggs! Little does he know, the crafty staff at Eggs Over Willis have got a little surprise for him!


Eggpisode: 7 – Omelette

As hard to eat as it is to spell, the Omelette is suspected to be a Persian dish and is probably the reason their empire fell. Adam risks the fall of our great nation into chaos with his dutiful take on the tried and tested Omelette!



Eggpisode: 7 – Deviled Egg

Dragged Screaming from the sweaty pits of hell, the Deviled egg is eaten by every tax dodger in Europe! Adam prepares a fantastic deviled egg, much to the delight of friends and family!


Eggpisode: 5 – Poached Egg

To poach something is to steal it! In this video, Adam steals our hearts by preparing a poached egg in the traditional style practiced in Muscovy for many centuries!


Eggpisode: 4 – Scrambled Egg

Who doesn’t love to scramble for scrambled egg? In this fantastic episode of Eggs Over Willis, Adam scrambles more than just the eggs – we hope he’s OK!


Eggpisode: 3 – Egg and Soldiers

Our great nation was built by our great army, and to signify how great it all is, Adam celebrates 15 minutes of global peacetime by preparing an army you wouldn’t expect…



Eggpisode: 2 – Hard Boiled Egg

There’s more to all them eggs in the hood than most people realise. Sometimes, you get eggs from all yolks of life, some generous, some kind, but some of yall eggs are hard boiled, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do to change it. Today Adam tries to school a hard boiled egg… Before it schools him.



Eggpisode: 1 – Fried Egg

Today on Eggs Over Willis, Adam prepares the classic fried egg with a pinch of special herbs. A popular favorite among his fans. The fried egg is popular world wide and is a staple of many diets worldwide, packed full of healthy, yummy, eggy goodness… Just ask Adam!


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