Thanks for Considering Supporting me!

By getting anything on this page you’ll be supporting me. I don’t generally get involved in services or deals that aren’t good, so I actively use these platforms or services, and that’s why I endorse them.

Coinbase - Cryptocurrency Platform

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform. By signing up and spending £73.90 on the platform, you will receive £7.39 in free bitcoin as will I. Coinbase is good because you can occasionally get quizzes which pay you in cryptocurrency tokens. I have a strong faith in cryptocurrency. Works best in Chrome browser.

Content Studio - Social Media Control

 Content Studio is a great way to control your social media. It’s similar to Hootsuite and Buffer, but with a lot more power and flexibility. A lifetime account does cost a little, and a small amount of that money will go to me, but it’s all you will ever need to run social media for a business or your hobbies.

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