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Tangled Social Media

Tangled Social Media

If you’re a content creator and you want absolutely 100% free advertising, Tangled is a great place to do it, you can sign up here: – By using the platform, every now and then you will be paid by the platform owners in a token called Millix which you can technically cash out – however its always better to reinvest! By signing up with my Ref-Link, I will also get a little chunk to spend on advertising, so I really appreciate it if you’re going to sign up! (As an added bonus, I’ll share another way you can make free millix later, you’re gonna love it!)

How Does it Work?

As a creator, when your posts are viewed, you are given a small amount of the Millix token, 1000. When people comment, you are given 5000 tokens. People can also tip you if they like what you’re saying, and you can technically earn a lot of tokens if you’re regularly posting on the platform. As an example, some of my posts, which aren’t even boosted have earned me over 200,000 tokens. Which gives me the ability to push out more content to people!)

You can share anything, your YouTube videos, your website links. Absolutely anything you like! To post, you’re going to need Millix tokens, which the platform will give you for free. So as long as you’re there, you’ll be able to post relatively regularly. Due to the way the platform works, the more you post quality content, the more you earn and the more you can post and earn. Whilst interacting with people costs you tokens, it also increases your ability to gain subscribers and earn cheaper advertising to your subscribers when you put out a post.

When you create a post, it will cost you 10,000 Millix, and you generally make around 500,000+ Millix on the platform every day just by being there. You can pay 5000 Millix extra per view as an advertising budget to get views from people who don’t know you, and when you have subscribers, it costs only 500 Millix per subscriber to get out a post to them, so once you have a following, just posting out to them will earn you millix. (Hence interacting with people and forming friendships is a great thing for you!) If you’re posting good content regularly, you can earn a LOT of free advertising, because you’re going to be tipped, commented and liked to high heaven. This budget you can use to put your next post out. As you gain subscribers and followers, your earning potential increases exponentially. It snowballs, and you end up with a massive amount of potential to get your content seen. Weather you are a Twitch streamer, a YouTube or Rumble Creator, or you just want to build a following. It’s a great place to do it.

At it’s base level, if you advertise out, you’re going to automatically recoup 20% of what you spend on advertising through views, minus the cost of the post. This doesn’t factor in the original cost. But I’ve noticed there’s never been a time when I haven’t got my original spend back when I don’t add a budget, and adding a budget is just another way to increase your reach. As I’ve said it’s free advertising, so why not?

Please consider signing up:

The Added Bonus

When you’re on Tangled, you can download their special browser that allows you to make a special Millix account. They will advertise to you with non intrusive header ads and pay you in millix which you can send to your account for more ad spend.

If you’re into Crypto, you can also transfer your Millix into bitcoin and send it to your crypto account, so you can just use your account to make money. I don’t care for this idea as the potential to get my content out far surpasses the gains I’d make in the cryptoverse.

Making Money with StepN

Making Money with StepN

When I started out with StepN, I didn’t know what I was doing, and that cost me quite a bit on the outset. In this short guide, I’ll tell you how to make the most out of StepN, because now I’m finally in profit every day, despite the money I spent getting used to the platform. When I first started playing I didn’t understand the statistics, I didn’t know about Gems and how they worked. Basically, I made a lot of stupid purchases and it cost me.

Firstly: Your Base Stats

Once you’ve read this section do NOT immediately go out and buy shoes. I will give you a rundown on the most effective way to buy shoes LATER going into detail on EXACTLY what you need to look out for.

Your base stats have a huge influence on your earning potential. As soon as gems are involved, a small change in numbers makes a massive difference. It’s important to note an Uncommon Shoe can (In some cases and they ARE worth looking out for) have BETTER stats than a rare shoe. So you could pay around a third of the price for a better or equal earner.

The two stats you will want the most are: Efficiency for GST earnings and Comfort is for GMT earnings, (GST is useful for opening lockboxes and GMT for increasing your earning potential buying shoes and mitigating the cost of your shoes HP.) You want to focus on a shoe that has these two stats as your highest stat.

I personally like luck because I am a gambler, however, luck is a cavalcade of disappointment. Don’t be like me. Resilience is absolutely worth it despite the fact that Resilience gems seem to be laughed at by the community.

The short rundown is simple. High Efficiency and Comfort and good Resilience will help you earn a lot, and if you’re a gambler, luck is ok, but really you’d be better off being sensible than relying on it.

Secondly: Your Gems

The ultimate shoe will have a gem for each slot. My main shoes are imperfect because they lack a resilience gem slot. They are one Comfort, one Efficiency and two Luck. So why having one for every gem important? If you’re not rich, like me, you will not be able to afford the end level gems. Because of the way gems are calculated on the marketplace. It’s better to have one gem that is higher level statistically than two gems that are lower level. As no one can reasonably afford the really high level gems, it’s better to cover all your bases and have something that works for everything.

Gem slots are important. You’ll notice little triangles around them on the higher level shoes. These triangles indicate the slot gives a higher percentage boost to the gems put into the slot. The more you have, the better the gem slot is. Because of the way gems work however, it’s important to note your base stats because the calculations for gems will sometimes make it so that the higher base stat on one shoe will give you a better result than a higher quality gem slot. Be careful when picking your slots.

Thirdly: You

Know your limits, and know your capabilities. When I started out, I went with a runner shoe for better earnings. This is because I overestimated my capabilities, and I didn’t factor certain things in that I couldn’t have foreseen. Ultimately after a lot of testing involving running, my favourite shoes are Joggers.

As a runner, you will need three things, a good connection, physical fitness beyond what you’d normally expect, and the right equipment for the job.

Why do you need a good connection?

Because if you don’t have that, the accuracy to keep above the limit required to earn is reduced leading to a lower payout in GST/GMT tokens. You can and most likely will make less money from a runner shoe.

Why do you need physical fitness?

Because otherwise, you will end up collapsing trying to keep your running speed at the crazy speed expected. You won’t be able to keep the running up if you aren’t fit enough causing you to go in and out of the designated speed, costing you token payout.

What the hell do you mean by right equipment?

Zipped pockets will stop your phone slipping out and shattering like your hopes and dreams but most of the time if they’re too close to your body, only one step per two of yours will register. If you wear a big flapping coat to get the jostle in, I’ve noticed very few steps are registered. The only way I’ve found to get accuracy out of running is to have a belt which has a molle pouch at the BACK so you not only look like an idiot when running, but you also get smacked in the ass relentlessly.

From my testing: Joggers are safe, Trainers, I don’t like or trust, Runners seem close to impossible without a regular spanking, and walkers are a joke.

Joggers will cover walking at a decent speed, so as long as you’re not on a zimmer frame you should be fine at a reasonable pace. They are the ideal shoe for me, and a lot of StepN users recommend them too, people who are fitter than I am.

Fourthly: HP and Durability

HP and Durability are the two different repair costs of StepN. As you run, both will decrease at different rates. To repair Durability, you spend GST and to repair HP you use up comfort gems and pay a small GST fee. The higher the level of Comfort Gem (I recommend ONLY using Level 2 Gems) the more HP you repair.

Shoe HP is also important as it is required to sell your shoes, which cannot be sold if the shoes have a HP of lower than 100%. If your shoes have less than 20% they will not provide energy and at 0% you cannot use them to make profit. Look after your shoes and they will look after you.

Having a higher comfort stat or a better rank of shoe will result in a slower % HP reduction so uncommon shoes of equal comfort will last longer than common ones. Having a higher resilience stat will reduce your Durability loss. Comfort will also affect your GMT earnings at level 30.

Fifthly: Energy

Energy is something you need to do well in StepN. It recovers slowly in chunks of 25% of maximum energy throughout the day. You start with 2 Energy. You get more energy the more shoes you collect.

  • Common Shoes: +0 Energy Each
  • Uncommon Shoes: +1 Energy Each (You will want a lot of these)
  • Rare Sneakers: +2 Energy Each (Meh)
  • Epic Shoes: +3 Energy
  • Legendary Shoes: +4 Energy, I don’t think they really exist.

Having more sneakers will give you more energy as a bonus to a MAXIMUM of 20 Energy, which is more than I can use.

Sneaker Amount:

  • 1: + 2 Energy
  • 3:+ 4 Energy
  • 9 + 9 Energy
  • 15 + 12 Energy

You probably won’t need more than 9 if you mainly have uncommon sneakers. So don’t go crazy and burn your money.

Finally: Buying Sneakers and Gems

Here’s my checklist for buying good shoes. You only need ONE set of shoes to run with. So for the other shoes, it doesn’t matter what your stats are. If you’re going full in, I recommend looking for 1 good epic sneaker as your main shoes then buying 8 cheap uncommon shoes. If you’re testing the game out, look for one good uncommon or a good rare shoe. Their stats can be decent, though they mostly won’t come close to an epic. It doesn’t really matter where the previous owner has put their shoe level up bonus stats.

  • Shoe has high stats in Comfort and Efficiency. Efficiency is and always is going to be my favourite because it will always be useful.
  • Shoe has a gem slot, one for each colour gem. Don’t do a Walrus and ignore resilience.
  • Shoe has nice bonuses to gem slots for Comfort and Efficiency if possible.

This small checklist will make it so you get the best bang for your buck. Increase your energy with low priced uncommon shoes.

For your gems: You will be able to get decent luck and resilience gems cheap. Efficiency is going to be really important, and Comfort will be the most expensive gem for it’s level in every case I’ve seen.

An example: I have a level 6 efficiency gem. I love it. I have a level 4 comfort gem, which is great, though GMT earnings aren’t perfect – that said, I earn enough to keep burning out my energy on GMT. I have two level 5 luck gems which would be covered by one level 6 which would have been a little cheaper, and no resilience gem, which would have been supremely cheap and saved me a LOT of GST.

By getting a good shoe that provides all gem slots, you will ensure you have good balance and you’re not weak in any area. Not having all four gem slots will ultimately cost you.

By focusing on Efficiency and Comfort, you will still get good drops for luck on long walks/jogs, and you will have nice HP/Durability reduction which will ultimately mean you spend less on repairs, whilst still having a good chance of success with your drops.

You can, if you’re fit and dedicated increase your daily earning amount of GST, This will cost GMT. It’s valuable up to around 400 if you like me enjoy GST the most.

I spent around 2300 on my shoes and gems. I have currently made around 2500, and I’m in profit, with gems, shoes and more that I can sell. I’ve also got some good results from luck so I’m not disappointed though lock boxes are rather expensive to open, and considering the cheap price of some gems, one might question weather or not they’re worth it. Still, I average out earning about 10-30% more than I lose over your average month.

I hope this has been helpful! If it has, please consider sending me some cryptocurrency!

Coinbase Wallet ID: 0xe1165B33959D3303C5450C7a73b651CD496e0f0f



In Memory of Hans Christian Larsson Boysen

In Memory of Hans Christian Larsson Boysen

As I was going through some of the music I’ve been writing for Star Sonata recently, I began to remember the times I had playing with an old friend of mine, who sadly passed away years ago. Christian Larsson Boysen was not just my friend, he was one of my best friends. He helped me through the worst times in my life. I fondly remember the times we had playing Star Sonata together. He was there for me when I split up with my first two girlfriends, and he was always very supportive.

Few people in this world have I bared my soul to more than him, and fewer would have had the brazen courage to make light of everything in such a way that it took some of the pain away. I knew him as SharkTooth, one of the scourges of deep space in game. Like me he was an intergalactic troll of the highest magnitude, fast of wit and as solid a person to me as the people I knew in the real world, he was without doubt one of the finest people this world had to offer.

I have, as time has gone on, thought back to the times we have shared together, and I’ve talked with many players his life impacted. Each one shares fond memories of him, and he was well loved in our community. SharkTooth had a great sense of humour and loved the never-ending drama in the game. If he wasn’t watching gleefully from the sidelines, he was part of it.

I will always remember him flying round in his Porpoise pretending to be better than me, and those memories will last forever.

Christian was born on the 22nd of December 1990 and left us on the 9th March 2018. By those people to whom he meant so much, his memory will live on, and may he never be forgotten for the kind soul he was.
Fly well, live fast, and forever steal my DG drops.



The Inbetween by H.K. Thompson

The Inbetween by H.K. Thompson

So I recently found out that my ex partner had released her book: The Inbetween a few years back. I remember a lot of conversations about it on the balcony at her place, looking over the beautiful dereliction of Jaywick. Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me, so I acquired a copy. I was absolutely amazed by the book. It was rather different to how I had remembered it, but I’m so glad she managed to complete the project. The style was very interesting, written to be enjoyed by people of all audiences, no matter which age group (though I’d suggest an age of 13+, due to the darker themes within). Her writing has improved to a whole new level as when I knew her before it was already brilliant, and she’s completely outdone herself with this one! Without giving too much away, it’s a beautiful story that merges fantasy and reality beautifully. It hovers beautifully in between (sorry) the works of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien yet remains accessible to all. It’s a great read for younger readers, as not everything is as it seems, and expectations often lead to unexpected surprises. The book does deal with darker matters, such as the character of Zoe who is determined to end it all following the death of her husband whom she has only recently married. She ends up in a place in between life and death with Drake and Lexi, whom can both manifest their thoughts into reality. The world is inhabited with many interesting and vividly written characters and is definitely worth diving in to.

You can pick up a copy here: The Inbetween

You can also access her website here:

The book is a finalist  in the readers favourite book awards for good reason.

Congratulations Heather, you’ve outdone yourself with this one!