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If you’re making a film, game or series, and you want free music, you’ve come to the right place! I accept donations via PayPal and support on Patreon if you’d like to support my work! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up to date on my videos and hit the notification to be notified when I release more work!, and take the time to look at the other artists in the Indy section! Take time to familiarise yourself with our licence, which basically gives you the right to use our music in any production you might desire, as long as you credit the people writing music for this purpose! Click the pictures to get to the musical tracks!

The Virus

The Virus

Intense, Chaotic, Tense, Scary, Horror, Sci-Fi

The Wolf

The Wolf

Calm, Peaceful, Serene, Relaxing, Happy, Documentary

1980's Horror Soundtrack

1980's Horror Soundtrack

Scary, Eerie, Horror, Thriller, Uncomfortable, Atmospheric

Dreamscape OST

Dreamscape OST

Orchestral, Sci-Fi, Eerie, Horror, Thriller, Uncomfortable, Atmospheric

Space Adventure Soundtrack

Space Adventure Soundtrack

Sci-Fi, Orchestral, Doctor Who, Adventure

Penultimate Fantasy Soundtrack

Penultimate Fantasy Soundtrack

Orchestral, Adventure, Fantasy

All Hell Breaks Loose Soundtrack

All Hell Breaks Loose Soundtrack

Scary, Intense, Tense, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi

Ambiant Horror Soundscape

Ambiant Horror Soundscape

Creepy Intense, Tense, Thriller, SFX, Soundscape Horror, Sci-Fi

Older Archives


Listener beware, you’ll need a spare change of underwear. From the Lovecraftian darkness of my basement comes seething horror music designed to drive the listener mad with sheer terror! Enjoy!


Don’t space out too much! My favourite of all genres is Science Fiction! Use this music for your fantastic science fiction films! Designed with futuristic fervor! It’s time to take the universe by storm with these Sci-Fi soundtracks!


Even I don’t know why I’ve made this music! Maybe it’s something to do with the mysterious tunnels under my home town… Use this music for crime, thrillers and detective pieces! Just make sure they’re mysterious!


You may well have seen some of these awesome Indie Films at some point! Here are some of my scores and unused scores behind them! Now their music is available for any purpose you wish! Use for good… Or evil! You decide!!!


Our fighting film music is mainly based around listening to way too many soundtracks from the 80’s. If you want to jazz up your film’s fight scenes we have an eclectic mix of free music for almost any fight scene!


Drifting back through the depths of time, our science fiction soundscapes are created using a variety of techniques to emulate the sounds of space, science fiction and things we have never even imagined!


With many soundtracks inspired by Command & Conquer, our RTS music will shake the foundations of your reality! Lock and down-load, prepare your troops, and render everything starkly in the cold fog of war…


Free Cinematic style soundtracks designed to encapsulate grand themes! Some of these are based around music from films that exist, some are just random creations that fit the cinematic theme! All available here for free!


I don’t make a lot of happy music personally. Happiness is not something I as a composer really understand! I understand music that reflects my impending baldness. This music is the music of people who have hair.


Take clubbing to the next level with House music. Enjoy the awesome cool beats and rhythms that take control of the mind body and soul and cruise into gear with this fantastic selection from DJ Dave.


With so many soundtracks inspired by war, action or other crazy kids stuff, a few decent tracks had to seep through. Here are some of the tracks inspired by the people I care about most in my life.


Sometimes the soundtrack gets finalised and upload in one fell swoop! From the upbeat soundtrack to Gang Them Style to the chilling soundtrack I wrote for the notoriously taboo M.R.F.D. Enjoy these little wonders!


If you’re developing a computer game, here are some groovy tracks that might help! These tracks are designed with no real main motive in mind but are probably mostly akin to the idea of arcade style games. Though some may vary in time…


So yes, I did make these pieces of music, and I’m not happy with them like a lot of my earlier work however they’re still songs that people use from time to time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am embarrassed by them!

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