Making Real Science Fiction is incredibly expensive. If you want to support us, please feel free to donate to us with PayPal or send us monthly support on Patreon.

So why donate to us?

A single pound coin will get you a bottle of coke, but that pound coin can go a long way to helping us make this wacky Sci Fi show a reality. If a lot of people donate, we will be able to make a lot more content a lot more quickly. Currently Chan Walrus: Space Adventurer is funded by a balding 30 year old lunatic that currently lives at home with his family. He’s a minimum wage earning father of one. This is me, the one who is typing to you right now.

My cast are currently unpaid, but they’ve been incredibly loyal to me working hard over the years to help me with my insane projects. Your donations will help fund the universe I am trying to create, and I very much thank you for them!

Donations can pay for special effects work, music and graphical design which we genuinely need to make our series an effective silly sci fi adventure. They can also help me pay to feed my hungry cast and help them afford to travel to me.

Benefits of Donating!

The main benefit of donating and helping me produce episodes is that you will be getting more episodes of Chan Walrus and more stuff on YouTube, however for substantial donations on Patreon and on PayPal, I will be putting credits out there for people which will eventually get up onto the IMDB, but before that end up in episodes you help to support!

Everyone who supports me will have a place on my Wall of Support. Also if you have a website, I’m happy to backlink to it if you’re helping me out or working with me!


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