Rebecca Gold

The story of a female assassin who goes rogue on a mission when she sees an old high school flame…

 Rebecca Gold: The Series
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Episode: 1 - Nine
Rebecca, or Agent 9 as she is known within the clandestine organisation she works for has been demoted from her Gold ranking to Grey following an incident which occurred on her last assignment. Dr. Drew, her psychiatrist has several questions for her regarding the incident easily sidestepping her diversion tactics…

Episode: 2 - Safe Zone
Dr. Drew begins to probe deep into Rebecca’s past, trying to figure out why she didn’t just kill Jackie during the assignment. She’s become untrustworthy in the eyes of the organisation. With years of experience dealing with Rebecca, Dr. Drew is able to read through all her deflections like a book and gets to the heart of the matter…

Episode: 3 - Hockey Stick
Rebecca goes back over her conversation with Jackie, the girl who has triggered memories of her past life. Dr. Drew presses her, taking notice of her emotional ties to Jackie. Rebecca remembers a violent incident from her past, sparked by previous feelings for Jackie…

Episode: 4 - Hamilton
Finally pushed to breaking point, Rebecca finally loses her cool and lashes out killing Dr. Drew. She goes through her personal file trying to piece things together, fragments of a shattered past… She steals the file and flees. Hamilton, an agent of the company discusses Rebecca’s instability with Genie and explains that the company intends to dispose of their unstable rogue agent.

Episode: 5 - Save Jackie

Rebecca is drawn into a stand-off in the safe-zone by Hamilton, who has captured Jackie and a gunfight ensues. No spoilers.


Ian David Diaz

Ian David Diaz

Ian is the Mega Geek, and director of Rebecca Gold. He has worked on a variety of fantastic films such as Bad Day, the Killing Zone and Fallen Angels.

Working On Rebecca Gold

I got to work with Ian David Diaz for the first time ever down in a small building in Elephant and Castle, London. I had originally seen his film Bad Day, which was a thoroughly amazing independent thriller film, because one of my idols, Dominic Glynn had produced the orchestral score for it. I begged to be involved and Ian being a cool cat allowed me to take part and come to the shoots. I mainly worked in the background picking up photographs, taking extra footage and going through lines with one or two people!

There were many amazing crew members I got to work with when shooting Rebecca Gold! I got to meet Katie Sheridan, who played Rebecca and Paul Coster who played Dr. Drew both who have become awesome friends! (Though we live way too far apart to realistically hang out!)

Then on my return to London, in an underground car park, I got to meet Keith Eyles, who I’d loved in Bad Day (He played a thoroughly horrible human being, a complete opposite of him in real life!) and also Ben Shockley who I would NOT like to meet in a dark alley! I also got to meet Allison Collinge who was an absolute legend!

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