Near Me! My New Venture

Near Me! My New Venture

In this digital age, it’s crucial for small businesses and sole traders to establish a strong online presence. Enter “Near Me,” a new website designed to assist and uplift these local heroes. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting project and how it aims to help businesses in and around Colchester and beyond.

Microsites: Your Digital Business Card

“Near Me” is all about microsites, and you might be wondering what they are. Think of microsites as small, personalized websites created for individual businesses. These microsites contain valuable information about the business, such as their services, history, contact details, and more. But the magic doesn’t end here.

The Power of Backlinks

One standout feature of “Near Me” microsites is the inclusion of a backlink to the business’s profile. This backlink isn’t just a link; it’s a bridge to online recognition. It helps businesses gain what’s known as local domain authority, a vital factor for search engine rankings. With “Near Me,” local businesses can shine on the internet.

Colchester: Where It All Begins

“Near Me” has chosen Colchester as its starting point. This historic town, filled with unique businesses, is the perfect place to kick off this initiative. The goal is to document and support as many local businesses in Colchester as possible, creating a strong local network of recognition and assistance.

Expanding Horizons

While the project’s roots are in Colchester, “Near Me” has bigger dreams. Once they have successfully documented a significant number of local businesses in Colchester, they plan to extend their help to other areas. The “Near Me” model can be replicated in any community, giving businesses the online exposure they deserve.

More Than Just Microsites

But “Near Me” isn’t limited to microsites. The creators of this project have a broader vision in mind. In addition to microsites, they plan to offer reviews, articles, and business assistance. It’s not just about having an online presence; it’s about being part of a supportive community and accessing resources to thrive.

In Conclusion: A Bright Future for Local Businesses

“Near Me” is a digital project with a noble purpose, (after all I made it) – to provide a helping hand to small businesses and sole traders. Through microsites, backlinks, and a community-driven approach, it’s making it easier for local businesses to stand out in the online world. Starting in Colchester and with plans to expand, “Near Me” is set to make a lasting impact on local businesses, offering them the online recognition they need and the support they deserve. It’s a beacon of hope for businesses near and far.

Why Building a Web Ring Benefits us!

Why Building a Web Ring Benefits us!

The web ring is an old concept where a number of websites all list friendly websites or websites of similar content or allied websites that work together to increase the total power of all websites as a group by linking them together. Backlinks are one of the key concepts behind modern SEO and help websites get found on search engines like Google – when you have a group of sites all working together and supporting each other, it boosts all of the websites relevancy on search engines.

The simplest way to explain this is that a website has a value, known as a Domain Authority, this is made up of several different factors that work together to increase it’s power. Domain Age, Amount of quality links going to the site, the retention of traffic etc. The web ring allows people to help others and in turn be helped by providing backlinks for relevancy.

The concept is simple: Creating a page on every website dedicated to the web ring, which links to all allied sites and provides a little information about all of them. This can be linked to in the footer at the bottom of the website where it won’t be seen by people generally but it will be accessible easily as far as crawlers are concerned. 

Once the pages are up and operational, each of them provides a small SEO boost to every other website which is part of the web ring.

Each site has a domain authority. My site, has a good domain authority which hovers between 16-18 most of the time, so a link from my site will help any site I link to. I cover this on my homepage where I link to Shadebob Games and Levy and Co Solicitors which boosts them. I am the composer for a Shadebob Games and I also work with the solicitors, so ultimately they benefit from my links. Levy and Co also links back to me which is invaluable in increasing my site’s power. This way we mutually benefit from working together. This also helps every site Levy and Co links to, and my site with all the people I link to.

I run several micro sites on my domain which allows my friends to get found easily from my main website. As they get quite a few clickthroughs it benefits them to be on my site and benefits me as people are clicking to me to find them. Kinda like linktree but less powerful. If you have a linktree, make sure it’s linking to your website. It’ll help increase relevancy. Their links are quality backlinks.

Ultimately joining a web ring is good for boosting a website’s power, so I will benefit as will everyone who takes part and from what I can gather there are no downsides to it as we are all (except for me) legitimate business owners (I am a crook and am on the run from the space police in my series!). By working together in this way we will all benefit from forming a web ring, increasing all of our power. Which is pretty awesome.

On Moira Donegan – Guardian Columnist

On Moira Donegan – Guardian Columnist

One thing that never fails to disturb me is the relentless work of Moria Donegan, a US Guardian Columnist, 

Whilst I believe that in some ways, Moria is a talented writer, and I to my surprise also support several of her stances on things, I believe that there lies in her words a deep seated hatred of men, especially those of white skin colour that borders on disturbing. She also has a hatred of the right wing, of which she is most definitely a part but I shall get to that later! I’m a white male conservative who is centre right in my beliefs. Good god, am I in for it if she ever reads this! If you do Moira, I am basing what I’m writing on your words and actions online, and my definitions on what left and right are have actually been researched, as I’m currently writing a book which defines what the definitions actually mean. 

Kyle Rittenhouse on Trial, Picture by Ben Garrison

Kyle Rittenhouse on Trial, Picture by Ben Garrison

I first came across Moira’s corrupt crusade against the human race in her writing regarding the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in the US. Kyle underwent one of the most brutal experiences in US legal history, condemned not just by the media, but by the president of the United States, Joe Biden. The jury’s final verdict of his innocence was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever seen. 

She released an opinion piece stating that “Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t crying for those he hurt. His tears, tellingly, are for himself.” An opinion piece that is still live, despite the trial proving Kyle was forced to defend himself against a very real peri, for which he was found Not Guilty on all counts. This to me is concerning, because I believe that frankly an apology should be in order, at least. It would be a humane thing to do, considering the fact that most of the media seemed intent on painting him a certain way. This doesn’t change the fact that no one knows what another person is thinking. It also doesn’t change the fact her article remains in the Guardian.

In Moira’s particular opinion piece, in connecting Kyle’s case with that of Brett Kavanaugh, Moria states that both cases “pointed to a peculiar phenomenon that remains little understood: the rightwing use of public displays of white male emotionalism as a political tool.” This is very confusing to me for a multitude of reasons.

I wonder weather Moria Donegan herself has the ability to read minds, to know the deep secrets of the human soul. This, I find very much doubtful. I wonder how she, if confronted with the same situation as Kyle Rittenhouse would have reacted. Would she have just stood there and been brutally assaulted or killed? Would she have used her supernatural psychic abilities which she used to apparently read Kyle’s mind to survive? Having watched the sequence of events leading to Kyle discharging his weapon, I believe his actions saved his life. Would Moria have died to preserve the lives of people who were trying to potentially kill her? If we look at the video, and see what was happening to Kyle, ask yourself how you might have reacted in his situation.

When it comes to a situation in which a person is assaulted and is genuinely fearing for their life, it’s really important to take in what actually happened rather than listen to the media representation or what Tweeting imbeciles have to say on Twitter. It’s easy to say or do anything from the comfort of your home. 

When referring to her work, I wonder what she means by the right wing… By the definitions we can easily find online such as the Wikipedia article, which explains very well that ordered social hierarchies are desirable as a right wing concept, (hierarchy as opposed to the equality of the left.) I wonder how she must feel being part of the Guardian, which is itself a right wing and hierarchical organisation. I wonder if everyone at the Guardian is equally paid and of equal rank and responsibility. If not, then she is just another part of the tragic engine that is right wing ideology. 

In many ways I find her repeated statements on the right wing across her many articles to be devoid of knowledge as to what the right wing actually is, to malign it as some oppressive evil force. Don’t get me wrong, every evil dictatorship in existence is hierarchical and therefore right wing, which is in contrast to the left wing ideal of equality. But this doesn’t make every right wing organisation or government bad. She uses it as a buzz word to amplify her hate filled rhetoric. This I find concerning as it makes for a very sinister and divisive approach to reporting, especially if you are trying to do it from a balanced standpoint – not that you’ll find balance in the Guardian, which spends most of it’s time playing ‘left’. Moira appears to strive more for hierarchy than equality in her work, as the enforcement of agendas she favours upon unwilling people, against their will, is not an ‘equality’ or ‘leftist’ trait. Moreso it lends itself to far right thinking, which as I have mentioned in my work is dangerous. 

It is very obvious in the work of many so called ‘leftists’ that they favour a structure, or design within society that purports to be equal but enforces a set of rules and agendas upon people, often unwilling people, in the name of ‘equality’ which ultimately creates equity through hierarchy and is therefore right wing – but not in the good way. This does not afford equal respect among people, as only one side of the ideology is represented and the other has to suck it up. It is one of the many reasons I believe I have met few true leftists in my experiences online and offline. The most bizarre is probably my friend James in the USA, who is exceedingly left wing, and with whom I agree on almost everything we’ve talked about! The thing is the true left do not want to enforce ideology on others. Rules and hierarchy are a part of a right wing structure and in my eyes an important part of society. Though in the wrong hands and with the wrong ideology, they are toxic and highly dangerous. 

In a world in which people could be relied upon to help one another and work together with equal rights and responsibilities, I could honestly say that would be an ideal society to strive for, if it were achievable. However, we live in a world where it is necessary for a government to be there to protect the people from invaders, to provide support and care for those unable to support themselves. I’d be pretty horrible if I didn’t think these right wing things were not only fantastic, but sadly a necessity. But then, I digress…

She then targets white male emotionalism, stating: “And yet conservative white men’s emotions are increasingly coming to the forefront of political life, and they seem to animate much of the Trumpist right.” – Whatever that means. Personally, I think it’s normal to have a physical reaction to remember a situation wherein you are forced to shoot people in self defence and have it brought up. Moria, on the other hand, I wonder if she would have felt anything at all, had she been forced to defend herself. I don’t see what being white or male has to do with anything, unless of course you’re a racist misandrist – but then again the world is full of those these days, yet again, in many cases, masquerading as the ‘left’.

She is right though that the emotions of both Brett Kavanaugh and Kyle Rittenhouse were a big deal for the media on a global scale. They did become political in many senses as well, though in Kyle’s case I believe his explosion of emotion was real, that he was reliving a genuinely horrible experience. I am not familiar enough with the Brett Kavanaugh case enough to comment, though connecting both the cases to try and prove a point about white male conservatives didn’t really make much sense to me, as I don’t think that’s really what the article was about… or was it? Was the article a political device to shame people and tar them with a certain skewed agenda? Surely not.

When I saw her article: “The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial was an orgy of misogyny” (which is a beautiful use of words) I almost decided to retitle this article “Moira Donegan’s work is an orgy of Misandry (Though the thought of Moira at an orgy isn’t a good thing.) The temptation shouldn’t always be followed. Though the article itself comes across as one sided, Moira does make some decent points, though it confuses me greatly that she can not seem to understand that Johnny Depp has been blacklisted for a while over Amber’s allegations – something Amber didn’t have to go through in the same way.

My thoughts on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case are that I do not really care. I see two deeply flawed individuals duking it out in the public arena, neither whom I particularly care for. Considering her crusade for women’s rights and previous article on Jeffery Epstein, which showed her knowledge of the case, I wonder why the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell was not covered by Moira. There certainly isn’t a peep about it on Twitter… She could have smashed it, if she chose to report on the trial, and it would have been a massive boost for women’s rights, with Maxwell being a key player in Epstein’s life.

Moria Donegan was involved in quite a big controversy a while back in which she stated in an article for the Cut that she created a spreadsheet called “Shitty Media Men” which brought together rumours and allegations of sexual misconduct by men in magazines and publishing. She believed that it would help protect women from sexual harassment and assault. Protecting women from such horrendous treatment is definitely a noble goal, however rumour and allegation are not suitable ways to do this. A person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and whilst we know there are people who get away with things, people should not be destroyed based on allegation and rumour alone.

Having been wrongfully arrested and horribly mistreated for a sexual assault which I never committed, I have some experience of the damage rumour and allegation can do, and even now, it is impossible for me to see my son because of the rumours and damage it generated. I lost friends, I felt like I could no longer face my colleagues and my life was completely derailed. I was one of a sizeable group of men that this person had accused of sexual assault, and I certainly won’t be the last.

Once the police actually did an investigation and concluded I could not have possibly done what I was accused of, my life still didn’t go back to normal. That said, I am a carer working in a Bupa care home and I hold an Enhanced DBS, which I wouldn’t if I were actually a criminal. The people I work with are fond of me so to hell with everything I’ve lost. I wonder how Moria would have framed my story. Maybe I would have deserved to lose my son, friends and all that I lost. Maybe her psychic evaluation of me would have shown a warped and evil beast lurking within the confines of a dark and confused man that I am not even aware of. Who knows? 

I’m sure if she ever reads this, she will hate me, a privileged white man, for pointing out some of the terrible fallacies and falsehoods she has spread. Little will she be able to understand the admiration for her drive and ambition that I actually respect about her work, and though I believe it is dangerous and misguided, I hope she will continue to work hard for women’s rights and to try and help to protect people… As long as it doesn’t come at the cost of others. 

I’ve been busy… Dealing with Yell…

I’ve been busy… Dealing with Yell…

Heya, sorry for the lack of content and updates recently. I’ve been waging a war on an internet marketing company known as Yell. Formed from the darkest souls mixed within a crucible of sheer malevolence, Yell has systematically destroyed many businesses. Have a quick read of my analysis of their diabolically insidious company here: – Information on their Services

I had first come across Yell when a customer asked me whether they were a good company to use. After an analysis of their services a few years back, I managed to talk my customers out of trusting them, and provided those same services as part of my current deals. Not only did I analyse the company, but I also read customer reviews, such as this fantastic article by ClawaBear. Which brings to attention the paid advertising scam that Yell are running… The Yell Business Contract being one of the most awful things I’ve ever read – which forces customers to pay Yell regardless of how badly their company performs.

Overall, I would never recommend a company go with Yell, their advertising, services, websites, the whole lot are of a quality inferior to most of the services you can get on Fiverr.

Space Station 13, Game Review!

Space Station 13, Game Review!

Do you want to kill your friends and get away with it?

Have you always wanted to experiment with mind altering drugs?

Do you need free counseling from random strangers over the Internet?

If so, Space Station 13 is the game for you.

If your life isn’t lonely and hellish enough, you can come home from a hard shift in the daytime to a harder shift at night, and the best part is you won’t get paid!

Your main mission? To do your job! – and if you do it well, you won’t be murdered or permabrigged by the increasingly angrier goons from the security department. There are many jobs to choose from, and you can spend hours of your life learning their many intricacies.

Space Station 13 is a niche game that requires a superpowered computer to run, with graphics so complex and mind bendingly accurate that it might as well be real life. Space station 13 has been covered by better, more popular youtubers, so make sure you like, share and subscribe to my channel to make me think I’m popular too, don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me I am ugly and going prematurely bald in real life.

Space Station 13 has one of the best character generators ever created. Whilst other inferior online rpgs may do a decent job of replicating my human form, Space Station 13 has perfected it, allowing me to be the ugly balding git I truly am. Pick from millions of different character visual combinations to be your true self online.

Are you tired of your boring mundane real life job? On Space Station 13, you can be anything you like! I have been everything from a Janitor, mopping up blood, sick and pee to a counselor helping people through their most personal struggles online.

If you are an egotistical monster who just wants to control the lives of the prattling insects below you, you can even be the captain. But it won’t stop you from being subjugated by an evil Chaplain’s meat cult. Do you like meat? Traumatize your crew by growing it and then packing it through the mail chutes into every major office until they go mad. The world is literally your oyster.

Your character in Space Station 13 doesn’t have to be a representation of who you are in real life, it can be so much more. Your mission is to do your job and try to survive, no matter what happens around you.

You might have a nice peaceful shift hanging out at the bar, or you might experience absolute armageddon as the station goes to hell around you. Along the way you may be attacked by all manner of different forces out to kill you, from rogue crew to horrifying changelings, no matter what’s going on or how harmless you think you are, someone or something will want you dead. 

Space Station 13 is one of the best roleplaying games that exists because almost everything that has ever happened in science fiction can be replicated by your fellow crew. I’ve even played a dungeons and dragons game as a scottish highlander in game thanks to the mechanics it allows!

I shall regale you with some fantastic tales of my experiences in the Space Station 13 universe.

In my first story, I played as a lawyer called Guinevere Bankruptcy, working against my rival Lou Pohl, whilst trying to represent the legal department I found out that their detective had murdered a man in cold blood, and tried to warn Lou. I went on the run, dying my hair and changing my clothes to try and escape, but the detective was too smart and murdered me and my only friend, the head of personnel. He was also French and a Lizard, which made the experience much more terrifying. 

Space Station 13 allows some character traits that allow you to make the game even more interesting from a roleplaying perspective. I played a round as a pilot, and decided not to work for NanoTrasen, electing to play as someone from a rival corporation. I finally crash landed in the space diner and met up with some crew who defected, and as the round drew to a close, we decided to embark on a new exciting adventure together.

In another beautiful round, I got to be the Head of Personnel and because a staff assistant wished to become the chief engineer, I made them fight the actual chief engineer for the job. It was a beautiful moment and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

In another brilliant round, I played as the clown and stole a cargo technician’s ID. I used it to waste the station’s entire budget on Golden Thrones and office supplies. The crew was so annoyed at me they bundled me into a crate, welded it shut and shipped me off station. 

Another cool feature of the game is that you can also go offstation in fantastic telescience adventures. I spent one crazy round dealing with absolute insanity trying to figure out what had happened on another space station constantly being screwed with by some supernatural force. It was immensely unsettling and totally brilliant. 

For something so 2d that your characters don’t even have a walk animation, Space Station 13 brings you an experience so immersive you may well abandon your social life for it. My favorite station is Goonstation, so if you hate my videos, come and kill me online. 

Space Station 13, the advanced tomato growing simulator from Exadv1. Download Byond today and join the NanoTrasen Corporation. I rate it a solid 9.5 out of 10.