The web ring is an old concept where a number of websites all list friendly websites or websites of similar content or allied websites that work together to increase the total power of all websites as a group by linking them together. Backlinks are one of the key concepts behind modern SEO and help websites get found on search engines like Google – when you have a group of sites all working together and supporting each other, it boosts all of the websites relevancy on search engines.

The simplest way to explain this is that a website has a value, known as a Domain Authority, this is made up of several different factors that work together to increase it’s power. Domain Age, Amount of quality links going to the site, the retention of traffic etc. The web ring allows people to help others and in turn be helped by providing backlinks for relevancy.

The concept is simple: Creating a page on every website dedicated to the web ring, which links to all allied sites and provides a little information about all of them. This can be linked to in the footer at the bottom of the website where it won’t be seen by people generally but it will be accessible easily as far as crawlers are concerned. 

Once the pages are up and operational, each of them provides a small SEO boost to every other website which is part of the web ring.

Each site has a domain authority. My site, has a good domain authority which hovers between 16-18 most of the time, so a link from my site will help any site I link to. I cover this on my homepage where I link to Shadebob Games and Levy and Co Solicitors which boosts them. I am the composer for a Shadebob Games and I also work with the solicitors, so ultimately they benefit from my links. Levy and Co also links back to me which is invaluable in increasing my site’s power. This way we mutually benefit from working together. This also helps every site Levy and Co links to, and my site with all the people I link to.

I run several micro sites on my domain which allows my friends to get found easily from my main website. As they get quite a few clickthroughs it benefits them to be on my site and benefits me as people are clicking to me to find them. Kinda like linktree but less powerful. If you have a linktree, make sure it’s linking to your website. It’ll help increase relevancy. Their links are quality backlinks.

Ultimately joining a web ring is good for boosting a website’s power, so I will benefit as will everyone who takes part and from what I can gather there are no downsides to it as we are all (except for me) legitimate business owners (I am a crook and am on the run from the space police in my series!). By working together in this way we will all benefit from forming a web ring, increasing all of our power. Which is pretty awesome.

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