If you’re a content creator and you want absolutely 100% free advertising, Tangled is a great place to do it, you can sign up here: https://chanwalrus.tangled.com/join – By using the platform, every now and then you will be paid by the platform owners in a token called Millix which you can technically cash out – however its always better to reinvest! By signing up with my Ref-Link, I will also get a little chunk to spend on advertising, so I really appreciate it if you’re going to sign up! (As an added bonus, I’ll share another way you can make free millix later, you’re gonna love it!)

How Does it Work?

As a creator, when your posts are viewed, you are given a small amount of the Millix token, 1000. When people comment, you are given 5000 tokens. People can also tip you if they like what you’re saying, and you can technically earn a lot of tokens if you’re regularly posting on the platform. As an example, some of my posts, which aren’t even boosted have earned me over 200,000 tokens. Which gives me the ability to push out more content to people!)

You can share anything, your YouTube videos, your website links. Absolutely anything you like! To post, you’re going to need Millix tokens, which the platform will give you for free. So as long as you’re there, you’ll be able to post relatively regularly. Due to the way the platform works, the more you post quality content, the more you earn and the more you can post and earn. Whilst interacting with people costs you tokens, it also increases your ability to gain subscribers and earn cheaper advertising to your subscribers when you put out a post.

When you create a post, it will cost you 10,000 Millix, and you generally make around 500,000+ Millix on the platform every day just by being there. You can pay 5000 Millix extra per view as an advertising budget to get views from people who don’t know you, and when you have subscribers, it costs only 500 Millix per subscriber to get out a post to them, so once you have a following, just posting out to them will earn you millix. (Hence interacting with people and forming friendships is a great thing for you!) If you’re posting good content regularly, you can earn a LOT of free advertising, because you’re going to be tipped, commented and liked to high heaven. This budget you can use to put your next post out. As you gain subscribers and followers, your earning potential increases exponentially. It snowballs, and you end up with a massive amount of potential to get your content seen. Weather you are a Twitch streamer, a YouTube or Rumble Creator, or you just want to build a following. It’s a great place to do it.

At it’s base level, if you advertise out, you’re going to automatically recoup 20% of what you spend on advertising through views, minus the cost of the post. This doesn’t factor in the original cost. But I’ve noticed there’s never been a time when I haven’t got my original spend back when I don’t add a budget, and adding a budget is just another way to increase your reach. As I’ve said it’s free advertising, so why not?

Please consider signing up: https://chanwalrus.tangled.com/join

The Added Bonus

When you’re on Tangled, you can download their special browser that allows you to make a special Millix account. They will advertise to you with non intrusive header ads and pay you in millix which you can send to your account for more ad spend.

If you’re into Crypto, you can also transfer your Millix into bitcoin and send it to your crypto account, so you can just use your account to make money. I don’t care for this idea as the potential to get my content out far surpasses the gains I’d make in the cryptoverse.

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