The left wing of politics looks towards a state of social equality and egalitarianism, as is commonly referenced in popular media. Whilst currently we live in a system that is dependent on multiple hierarchies of power, from employment to government, to social status, support of what we have established traditionally within our society and having these social hierarchies and respecting them is closer to being right wing. I have come to realise that most Social Justice Warriors are far right authoritarian radicals, due to their alignment and behaviours.

The vast majority of Social Justice Warriors accept the system we live in, though they have an intolerance for the powers that be, and are hugely critical of the people they see in power. Rather than picking up the slack where needed to make the world a better place, they prefer to congregate in a vast authoritarian hashtag army for whatever is currently trending and demand the government helps people over, accepting their lower status within the hierarchy and offsetting the responsibility of helping those less fortunate than themselves to ‘other’ more ‘privileged’ people. 

Responsibility is always an interesting idea. A group of people demanding higher taxes so the government can answer every problem they have with the world shows an incredible lack of personal responsibility, and what’s more shows a distinct lack of caring when it comes to how society is run. In an egalitarian society, we would ideally all share the responsibility as a community. The outright abandonment of personal responsibility to make people’s lives better in favour of blaming other powers like the government, and expecting them to kowtow to demands that they perform the actions all of us are personally capable of is not a left wing school of thought. It shows a distinct lack of personal responsibility and a reliance on a higher power, and is frankly unacceptable. 

Barry Clark, a well regarded professor of economics wrote that the left wing “claim that human development flourishes when individuals engage in cooperative, mutually respectful relations that can thrive only when excessive differences in status, power, and wealth are eliminated.” This I thoroughly believe, and yet I see the SJW come into battle with a distinct lack of respect for their opponent, armed with hate, unjustified labelling, blanket statements, authoritarian cruelty and the motivation to dominate someone into submission, dehumanizing them and trying to establish a moral superiority over them. They use the far right policies of oppression, political violence and attempt to force and bully people into submission trying to assimilate them into their beliefs or bully them off of social media, “Cleansing” the enemy, so to speak. 

Based upon their savage and brutal actions and the disgusting way they attack others on social media, I believe that these people do not undertake the ideology of a peaceful and cooperative respectful equality. Instead, a draconian regime of authoritarian social hierarchy seems desirable to them. They use labels and blanket statements to engage in war with Conservatives or people who classify themselves as “Right Wing” in order to dominate them, rather than try and find out what their personal ideas are. Their stance is one of aggression and they belittle and ignore any proof or argument presented against them.

They use a shield based around a faux-morality, in which they support groups that they see as ‘inferior’. This is usually the result of a narcissistic urge to self grandeurise, with people saying: “I recognise these people who are struggling, and help and support them.” This makes them look morally ‘good’ on social media. Despite the fact it’s easy to hashtag that you care about a political cause or even post about it often on Social Media, even put links on your website etc or write about it, unless you are supporting the cause in the field, you are doing very little to further it. Very few SJWs honestly support causes as evidenced by a distinct lack of deeds and actions, instead using them for personal political grandstanding.

When we look to the idea of equality that the left wishes to have, what we see from the SJW in raising armies against their enemies, treating them with utter disrespect and hatred, and attempting to socially humiliate people to prove their moral superiority is definitely far right. They do this because they believe that utter domination of a person will raise their social status whilst lowering their enemy. This is clearly right wing behaviour, and we are talking about authoritarian right – the very people they claim, hypocritically, to hate.

The radical witch hunting of anyone who does not fit the thought pattern required to be a ‘desirable person’ has created an atmosphere of fear on social media. Using the book of morality, groups of SJWs go hunting ruthlessly and blitzkrieg any enemy of their flavour of the month moral crusade they can find. Due to the way they carry out this predatory behaviour, it is reasonable to suspect that the motivation behind their actions is dishonourable, dishonest and corrupt. It is not respectful, polite and in many cases could be considered inhuman.

Their logic is insanely flawed to the point where they believe that anyone who they label to be an undesirable doesn’t support their chosen moral stance, regardless of any argument or protest which is quickly brushed aside. They use straw man arguments and misrepresentation to single out victims and bring allies to help them, demonizing their opponents using trigger words and blanket statements to attack and humiliate a person into submission through hateful barrages of abuse and twisted logic. There is usually no reasoning with them. Their position and behaviour is so aggressive one can only call them radicals. 

As it stands, I must be frank. It is one thing to be ‘outraged’ and ‘upset’ by things. To talk about them online, as though your opinion actually makes a difference is fine as well… To change profile pictures to show you support a cause and to hashtag and share articles about something. This is fine. But this isn’t what the SJW does. The SJW uses things as a weapon of war, to run their enemies down and gain political social power. George Floyd was a human being. He had a dubious history, but his death was unnecessary. As soon as the SJWs found out that the man had a past, they stopped parading him around like a hero and moved on to the next person they could use to attack others. As they got outraged and upset about Harambe, about Cecil the Lion, furiously posting that they will never forgive or forget… Most of them have forgotten, and found another weapon to use. Petty people, looking for a target to vent their hatred and frustrations on without a care for the results of their actions, and people wonder why suicide rates among young people are so high… 

Whatever weapon is used can be replaced when it falls out of favour, which means that most of this emotion worth ruining lives, dividing friendships and treating people like garbage over is not even genuine. It’s part of a fanatical and divisive weapon used to attack people under a flag of faux morality. This faux morality is used as a method of politically oppressing others from an area of relative safety. This falls more into far right extremism than other ideologies. 

Economically, the left prefer the idea of a decentralized economy, prioritising social ownership and local control rather than allowing for state/government run systems or private control. Interestingly enough the right wing libertarians also in some cases have a similar ideology. It is interesting to note that whilst the idea of the liberal left would be supportive of people who are disadvantaged in society, rather than using their society to help fund support for people through charities, the SJW vehemently demands the government support and help people who are disadvantaged. In the UK, this is something the government generally does to a reasonable, if imperfect standard. 

Putting the government in a place where they have to be responsible for helping the people the SJW sees as disadvantaged is an acceptance and reliance on a preferable hierarchy, and looking to it as the desirable answer to a problem, rather than getting together as an egalitarian community to work together to fix a problem. This is a right wing solution to a left wing problem, a problem people care so little about that they make noise about it, and precious little else – which leads me to believe that they do not honestly care about the problem and merely use it for social grandstanding.

It is also interesting to note that the SJW delights in the shutting down of their enemies financial assets. This has occurred on a number of occasions including the banks closing Donald Trump’s bank accounts following the Capitol Hill riots. People expressed glee at the situation, enjoying the fact that people that had the power to take away Trump’s financial access had done so. So rather than accepting the idea of equal banking, they were happy for an authoritarian move forced upon someone they did not like. This would not constitute the idea of equality in terms of banking, more so an acceptance and relying on the hierarchical power of banks. Also worryingly to note, it could be done to anyone for whatever reason, a rather disturbing situation to be honest.

This was also prevalent in the shutting down of Trump across the leading social media platforms at the time. The SJWs were absolutely delighted at the way powerful sources were able to shut down the then President of the United States and applauded and even praised the platforms for these actions. This is another indication that they enjoy the insidious abuse of power over others which would align them far right. A person cannot equally represent themselves and must be suppressed by a dominant force.

Ultimately we have to face one simple fact. Anyone who tries to oppress others for having a different belief system, to dominate them and humiliate them, and prove some kind of hierarchical superiority over others, to dehumanise people and quell their freedom of speech cannot be considered left wing at all. These people, these SJWs are of the right wing authoritarian crowd, pushing a dark agenda that does more damage ultimately than healing anything.

If we are to live in a better world, we should be trying to accept each other and treat each other with respect and human decency, not trying to dominate people with blanket statements and cruelty. I want to believe in a world where people are free to have their beliefs as long as they don’t hurt others. I believe in a world where the poor are supported and protected by governments, because I see too little evidence of society trying to provide for the homeless, the disabled, the unemployed and the needy. I realise that it is only by having the right wing structural hierarchy that these people will be safe. 


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