Oh the hilarity, oh the betrayal.

So Sajid Javid has finally admitted that the covid death rates are bogus. He has finally pointed out that there are comorbidities which have played their part in huge death counts, but that’s not all there is to this miasma of nonsense. So let’s have a think about what other issues there are…

From the very beginning the statistics have been sketchy. What right do I have to say this? Well I’ve been trained in statistics. So how can I show you easily. Simple! If we are being honest about statistics, we have to show both the number and percentage when discussing things. Imagine this: Breaking news! Coronavirus death rates are up 300% from yesterday! Instantly, there is a panic. 300% is a lot. Let’s say yesterday one person was listed as a covid death, then the next day, 3 people allegedly died from the virus. 4 people isn’t a lot for a pandemic, but with such high percentages, it sounds scary.

You should note that when they mention coronavirus, they are not necessarily referring to covid, as there are many strains of coronavirus, so with the statistical adaptions they made in order to skew this and take advantage of people’s fear, we have around 28 days from having any form of coronavirus infection, a person has died. Now this doesn’t even mean that they died from the coronavirus or from covid. What it means is that they died within 28 days of having any form of coronavirus. Is it even a contributing factor? Possibly not, but it’s still listed as a covid death statistic. When you consider how common coronaviruses are, the fact LFTs can pick up multiple strains and the media wanting to keep everyone in a mad state of panic, we have a massive fear campaign.

Do I think people have died of covid? Without a doubt. I’ve worked on the front lines during the pandemic and volunteered to work infected units due to my immunity. I know it can be dangerous.

Let’s break things down: 

How do we know how someone has died? – We perform an autopsy. The autopsy or post-mortem is an analysis of the body after death to find out the cause of death. Ask yourself, how many autopsies have actually been done to come up with the numbers we see. If we do not know for sure, then numbers are just estimates. We cannot work with unreliable data, however everyone has been drinking unreliable data for the past few years, so they’re used to it.

Coronavirus or Covid? Covid is one form of coronavirus, known as SARS-COV-2. The other two dangerous forms of coronavirus are MERS-COV and SARS-COV. Then we have HCOV-OC43, HCOV-HKU1, HCOV-229E and HCOV-NL63. Covid deaths refers specifically to deaths from Covid, or SARS-COV-2, and Coronavirus deaths are defined as anyone who has died from any form of Coronavirus, which includes the other forms. If Covid numbers are high, then Covid is dangerous. If Coronavirus numbers are high, that’s normal. But we also have to take into account the extension of rules that allow for higher statistics and more public panic.

Numbers and statistics. I mentioned this earlier: You need a number and a percentage, and what’s more they need to be properly defined. “Today there have been 20 Covid deaths, up by 100% from yesterday where there were 10.” Is good definition, though if timeframes were properly included, we’d have it close to perfect. We know the numbers, we know the percentages and we know the comparison. As I mentioned earlier, if you just see a percentage or number, you are not getting the bigger picture, especially if it’s not defined. “Coronavirus deaths are up 247% from last week!” Could mean coronavirus deaths this week could be being added together from one specific day last week. We’re also talking coronavirus deaths not Covid deaths. So Covid might be down whereas coronavirus is up. The less definition, the more bogus the statistics.

Phrasing: If A reporter says, “138 more people died from Covid today than yesterday!” this can actually mean one of two things. Firstly that yesterday, there were 1000 Covid deaths, and today there have been 1138 Covid deaths, or this could also mean that yesterday there were 1000 covid deaths and today there have been 138 covid deaths, a drop of 862. But this statement will always sound like it was more, and you will have noticed this in the news.


We’ve been being exploited, lied to, and manipulated by a sick media and politicians for a long time. We have no accurate information on Covid or Coronavirus. Considering that LFT tests are not accurate, PCR testing can have issues, there are few autopsies and little evidence that Covid poses a real risk to people who have no co-morbidities. I can only think that this is not a pandemic, rather it is a test of public fear. If masks worked and were effective, Boris would not backtrack on them. He wouldn’t backtrack on them because it would not be in the public’s best interest. If this was a real pandemic, the army would be on the streets and the logistics corps would be delivering supplies.

I will leave you with information on a real pandemic. This is an article about The Black Death. It was one of the worst pandemics in known history, and bodies were piled high in the streets. People painted crosses on the doors of people with the plague in red or black. Carts would go by pushed by people calling out “Bring out your dead.” Families were devastated, friendships destroyed, everything in the world was ruin. In this time of the great, terrifying Covid-19 pandemic Politicians frolic maskless and drunk. Love him or hate him, Paul Joseph Watson gets it right. This nonsense has been going on, and we’ve all been played for fools…


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