So I found out today that I was nominated for best music in the Independent Horror Movie Awards. It’s not a win but I’ll take it! For all the years of psychological abuse and torment at the hands of the Indie Film Makers, it was nice at least to be recognized for some of the work I put in. Most of the time you just get a “Thonx” and never hear anything more about it, after months of work, nail biting terror, having to watch the same screaming people being crammed alive into jam jars, crying myself to sleep every night because I can’t get to score a nice friendly Romantic Comedy… So I worked on a film called Decline a while back and it did quite well. Here’s the score so you can hear it yourself: (Well most of it!) 

I expected Ryan to get at least a nomination. He’s a great psychological actor and he kept me watching the film over, and over, and over, and over again. Composing is boring. I… am boring – but I’m not surprised Katrina Grey did well. She really knows how to play uncomfortable in a way that’s refreshing and understated. 

Overall, it was a great film, well cast and acted, and I really enjoyed working on it. I had done an original score for it that was quite different and I much preferred that one but you can’t win em all! It was great working with Trash Arts again and I look forward to seeing what they do next!

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