The Daktaklakpak are without doubt one of my favourite star control races, due to their utilization of lexical intercourse. Whilst star control III is not considered canon, the Daktaklakpak carry the game with their beautiful writing and humour, which carries on the humor established in Star Control II the Ur Quan Masters.

The Daktaklakpak have joined the Hegemonix Crux in order to quickly acquire precursor relics to prevent the species designated Eternal1s from Engaging in destruction of all sentient life in the galaxy. Their language structure seems nonsensical at first, until you realise that they are defining code structured response based upon their internal programming which is taken from their species name. So their actions taken are based upon the pre programmed language structure defined by their full name.

We know that the Daktaklakpak have reprogrammed themselves which has instilled bugs into their program leading to them not carrying out their mission which is the maintenance of precursor technology and revival systems such as the CUD. It is probable that the Daktaklakpak lack both sentience and sapience, meaning that they can survive the Eternal Ones feeding, but due to their reprogramming they are now under the delusion that they have sentience. My main bugbear with the star control franchise is the utilization of sentience rather than sapience.

Their star ship is the Vivisector which latches on to enemy ships and drills into them. In the annoying SCIII 3d battlefield, they are sometimes irritating to fight.


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