For years and years I have tried unsuccessfully for the most part to write, produce and in general get music out there to people for free. That was the initial purpose of both my YouTube channel and this website. Recently things have been a little different! I asked my friends and followers recently if they were ok with me branching out and putting up stuff that is closer to the stuff I really enjoy doing, so I began work on creating content closer to what I like and moved away somewhat from music.

For those of you who don’t know, I have been a front line worker during this pandemic, working in a care home and I have been really busy with covering shifts and trying to run my business which the UK Government has effectively destroyed. Thanks Bozza Jozza. I decided to focus a bit on YouTube and the things I enjoy in life which are pretty few to be honest. 

Before we begin I would like to thank everyone who has recently subscribed to my channel! I really appreciate it and I hope you will be ok with me occasionally uploading content that differs from what I have been creating. 

I’d like to talk about Space Station 13. SS13 is without doubt one of the craziest games ever. You can do just about anything imaginable in the game with anything you can find. The mission of the game is simple: You are a worker on a space station and all you have to do is your job. You occasionally get bizarre mission objectives but mostly you’re just there to have fun.

How much fun can you have in a somewhat laggy 2d space game that uses pixel art and you can’t even see people’s legs move when they slide around like drunk penguins? Lots.

The problem with SS13 is you can have more fun than almost any other game I’ve played. You will never get two rounds the same and you are playing with other people, many who have played the game for years and years who all have their own personalities and quirks.

My first experience of the game was bad. I was beaten to death by someone with a toolbox and that was it. The next round was equally awful and I was killed horribly by security. I had a load of awful experiences on Facepunch station, one of the servers at the time – before I finally played as a lawyer, got a mass murderer off with a warning. He thanked me by shooting me in the head.

As time progressed, I ended up moving to Goonstation Morty. Goonstation was a little different as it was an RP server, and I had to roleplay as a character. I love to spam, probably more than anything else so it was an ideal place to be an annoying question asking staff assistant. I botched surgeries, I accidentally killed people. I learned how to be a doctor. (I’m Dr. Rollins in 40% of my games!) I saved people’s lives, I ‘accidentally’ killed people. It was a good time. I made some great friends.

I took some time off over the past two years so I could focus on my company and my job and fighting to see my son. Now I’m back and making videos and my YouTube has exploded. On a bad month I could get 40 to 60 hours of watch time. This month I scraped 230! All with videos I made from a game I absolutely love! I was ecstatic!

Long story short, I’m playing SS13 again on Goonstation Morty, and if you end up downloading Byond and playing, you may just find after a few games that you love the game as much as I do!


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