Heya, sorry for the lack of content and updates recently. I’ve been waging a war on an internet marketing company known as Yell. Formed from the darkest souls mixed within a crucible of sheer malevolence, Yell has systematically destroyed many businesses. Have a quick read of my analysis of their diabolically insidious company here: Yell.com – Information on their Services

I had first come across Yell when a customer asked me whether they were a good company to use. After an analysis of their services a few years back, I managed to talk my customers out of trusting them, and provided those same services as part of my current deals. Not only did I analyse the company, but I also read customer reviews, such as this fantastic article by ClawaBear. Which brings to attention the paid advertising scam that Yell are running… The Yell Business Contract being one of the most awful things I’ve ever read – which forces customers to pay Yell regardless of how badly their company performs.

Overall, I would never recommend a company go with Yell, their advertising, services, websites, the whole lot are of a quality inferior to most of the services you can get on Fiverr.

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