Infinitrap: ReHamstered is one of the coolest projects I’ve worked on to date. Working with Shadebob Games has been an awesome experience. As a member of the dev team responsible for composing music for the game, it was my job to try and build a soundtrack that would be effective at encompassing the slightly cartoony nature of the game, whilst keeping in mind the game play, the slightly gory nature of the game… All the while I was stuck in the 80’s. Here’s me trying to play the game, enjoy!

Musically, I was inspired by many different sources, 80’s films and cartoon series, early computer games like Realmz, Bub & Bob, and many more. These are my normal inspirations. I’m sure some Jazz Jackrabbit 2 came in (thanks Alexander Brandon who is one of the best game composers of all time)

I am happy that I am able to call myself a member of the Shadebob Games team, they’re all absolutely amazing people, and I love them to bits!

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