One of the things about me that a lot of people don’t truly understand is that I like “bad films” a lot. What “bad films” actually means is low budget work created by people who have a real passion for invention. People who want to push boundaries, and sometimes people who simply want to hang out with friends and make a few silly films with them – these are the people I really admire. They work on a slightly different plane, always trying to achieve something through hard work, determination, and often seemingly impossible odds stacked against them. This is an endurance that high end, high budget films will never really have to struggle with in the same way. 

What I admire is that they pick up a camera and shoot. They work hard to try and realise their impossible dreams and they consistently suffer for their art. I’ve written a lot of music over the years for over 130 films and short films now, and I do this because I love the work people create when it’s fueled by a desire for greatness. I love the fact that I’m working with like minded people who don’t let the world crush, annihilate or destroy them. These are people who sometimes have to deal with horrendous abuse, criticism and hate on a daily basis, simply because their work is not a million pound CGI fest. 

A Long Time Ago in a Facebook Group, Far, Far Away, I met someone called Benjamin Martian. He had a keen interest in creation, but I really liked his personality as I got to know him over time in my Facebook feed. There was something a little weird and wacky there, something unique and positive that helped keep me going through my descent into madness. Now it just so happened that he would become one of the creators of Tigtone on Adult Swim, a series that is lovely and weird, and that I highly recommend to anyone who wants something different.

By sheer happenstance, recently he needed some music and I sent him a message about it, and I got to work with him recently providing some of the soundtrack to one of his creations. I’d like to share that with you today!

I find it’s always interesting working with people you admire. When I first saw an advert for Tigtone go up, I had no idea he was even involved in the project, but when I found out, I was so happy for him. The thing is, I have tried and failed to realise my dreams for years, and here was someone living the dream and creating amazing things. This to me, is one of the most inspiring things. To me he wasn’t the creator of a series and awesome because of that. More so, he was an awesome person and this series was an extension of his will as he proved to the universe his ideas and work had the unfathomable resolve to stand firm against the tides of oppression the world throws at creators every day. 

Benjamin Martian is not alone in being someone who’s manage to overcome these odds and create something brilliant! A lot of the people I have worked with or work with on and off have gone on to create many wonderful things. One thing I should say is that you never know who you are working with. Down the line, I’ve seen so many people who’s friends never thought would get anywhere suddenly grow wings and move forwards at a frightening speed. On the other side of the coin, you also have amazing high grade actors and directors who everyone wants to work with get hit by a random scandal, which destroys their career entirely.

I like working with people no matter who they are, whether or not they are famous or just starting out. Being part of someone’s dreams is important to me. As a director of my own silly films, I always like people who are up and coming, and I love people who are just starting out. Watching them blossom and grow over the years is a thing of beauty. I have worked now on over 160 films in pretty much every role there is, and I’d never introduce myself as anything other than a hack musician. The thing is, we are people first and not creators. Our dreams can either be completely lost or fuel reality, and bring inspiration to others.

Strangely enough, one of the reasons I originally got to know Benjamin Martian on Facebook is his name. It’s weird, a little far out and I love it. There’s something about the combination of letters that I like and it flows that was beautiful to me. I find it mysterious and alien! I am also far too afraid to ask if it’s his real name. As someone who has a weird name that I chose: Chan Walrus. It’s always fun to have people contact me and say: “Oh wow, I thought you were Chinese!” or “I am the Walrus!” (A song I loathe!) I secretly wonder if people contact him and ask him if he’s really a Martian.

I think this blog has been sufficiently derailed in my usual rambling way, but it was a pleasure working with him and I feel so happy watching my music being used in the work of someone I admire!

Thanks for reading this and definitely check out Tigtone. If you aren’t questing by the end of the first episode then Helpy help you. 


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