If people had never questioned science, the human race would still believe in alchemy and the geocentric model of the universe. Nowadays, you’re not supposed to question science. Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler all added to the knowledge of what we now see as the universe. Scientists opposed them, and despite holding the popular theories of the time, they were proven wrong… By science. There has been a mass shutdown of thought in which people are told that questioning scientists (most of whom cannot string together anything more complicated than “Covid’s bad, mkay?”) is a stupid thing to do.
In the future, people will look back on ‘the science’ of today and wonder how human beings could associate 6 different coronaviruses, of which some are very common as the same thing, which apparently results in a person having Covid. Covid is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 strain. The Wikipedia article is extended protected meaning that people cannot edit it in the normal fashion that they can with other articles. Other forms of coronavirus do not cause COVID-19. There are several types of LFT or Lateral Flow Test available, produced by a number of different companies. Some of these show up to 4 other types of coronavirus. On reporting that the test is positive, people must self isolate according to our government regulations until such a time has passed that they can safely go to work.
Until the Covid Pandemic, a large amount of medical organisations recommended not wearing a face mask over a long time. This is because, for cloth face masks, you can breathe droplets in through the mask and over time the mask will retain moisture and heat, allowing bacteria to multiply, which is repeatedly going in and out of your lungs. Other face masks are better, and disposables should be used and disposed of quickly. Prolonged use can lead to physical complications for the person’s face, ears, nose and mouth, which I have seen first hand as I work with these. A fellow co-worker who works a lot now has injuries to her ears because of this, other carers and hospital workers I know have experienced similar issues. If you think it’s fun and games try wearing one into work, then through work then all the way home to about 13.5 hours, and do that 5 days a week for a while. – This is after we take LFTs to ensure we don’t have Covid before going into the home. Which makes very little sense until you realise that the tests aren’t 100% reliable or accurate. Ergo the carers and hospital staff must suffer to ensure safety of individuals in their care. Face masks historically weren’t always regarded as ‘safe’ to use. Information like this is now really hard to find because the ‘new science’ and ‘fact checking websites’ now populate Google, and provide a politically motivated ‘scientific’ opinion on why they are really safe and that you must wear them.
It is currently policy for first aiders not to give rescue breaths, which will ultimately result in increased deaths from cardiac arrest and could lead to brain damage or death through lack of oxygen. People who are receiving CPR are at a higher level of risk due to Covid rules, and they are one small sub section of society. People with cancer find themselves unable to get treatment due to this pandemic, that relies on facts and figures skewed as never before seen. This will also affect people with heart disease and just about any other illness ever. Normally, one would have  to establish the cause of death. It’s really weird that the window would be so large. It’s also important to note that Covid is more dangerous to people with comorbidities, which begs the question: “What is the actual medical cause of death? Covid, the complications from Covid, or the other issues?” If all are put down as Covid, just because someone had it at the time, or even after they no longer had it because they used to this is not scientifically accurate, because we do not know for sure. They could have died from anything else. Also when you consider how many times the word coronavirus is thrown around in statistics, you have to wonder if people are talking about SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus in general, especially considering some LFTs pick up multiple forms.
Statistics are being used to spread fear and chaos, so when the numbers aren’t high, the papers will say: Coronavirus cases are up 33% in this area, even if that means 3 people had it and one more has become infected, causing mass panic. Not 33% more people dying, but just 33% more have it. Sadly the news article for this one has disappeared and is only there as a memory, so you’ll have to just trust me on this. There’s a lot of the whole mass panic thing going on at the moment, which is amusing. So petrol is a little short because of some delays and issues in supply. The news mentions it, everyone goes crazy and buy up all the petrol in existence, creating a mass panic, and an actual fuel crisis. Fearmongering is something I see as very creepy and it’s something that makes me question a lot of what’s actually going on. They keep talking about coronavirus statistics, however these are NOT specified as SARS-CoV-2, which is an important distinction as if we are just reporting the common cold deaths as a comorbidity death, this is really troubling. Thankfully, the Flu has retired though, so that’s good. After many years of hard work, it’s finally claiming it’s pension. I wonder sometimes if maybe, it’s all just… Well… The flu after a rebrand, but that’d be crazy, right?
In the UK, the Government has enforced a mandate which forces carers like myself to be vaccinated. Because we in the health sector are so worthless and expendable, we are being forcefully vaccinated or having to lose our jobs under, I might add, a GOVERNMENT REGULATION, which does not have the same weight as the ACTUAL LAW which states that Government regulations MAY NOT impose a vaccination on people. But let’s be honest, who gives a damn about this. I have had my first vaccination and it’s had a horrible effect on me. I’ve gone into hospital, which I never did with Covid, and my body and mind are screwed. I’ve got to have another one or lose my job. This is called being forced to do something under duress, which is coercion meaning that I cannot legally consent to it. Which in essence results in what they call in legal terms:  battery. I know what you’re thinking… If you don’t want it, why did you make that choice? I didn’t. It was take the jab or lose my job. It’s not a choice, I have bills to pay and a family to support. Also fun fact, as we don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine (some vaccines have manifested results 20 YEARS after being jabbed) there can be NO INFORMED CONSENT, meaning that all the consent forms are useless.
To wrap it up. The very fact the science is unable to be challenged now and anyone who attempts to question the chosen science is regarded as a moronic Luddite is worrying. It shows a stupid and unscientific stagnancy that only an oppressor would put on the world, after all, if the science was solid, anything challenging it would be able to be refuted, rather than silenced. The fact the law no longer protects people from being forced into a clinical trial or lose their jobs is also worrying.
Welcome to 1984. It’s the beginning of a man stamping on a human face – happily ever after.
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