Having been set back a couple of years with the COVID pandemic and my life being torn apart, it brings me great joy to announce that we are currently working on a new episode of Chan Walrus. I am in talks with the cast and crew and can confirm that my loyal Mandrake, Rikki will be rejoining us for the next episode, along with a small cameo by Traitormass. The episode will be a follow on from Bodywarp which will hopefully not break continuity too much!

I have started gathering a team together this year for work on Chan Walrus and a few other bits and bobs. I will provide more information on my team later once we start releasing things. 

There will be a few changes to come within the series:

The spaceship Chan and Mandrake fly is going to change. This is due to issues with graphics design and the fact it was clearly too powerful to be stopped.

The budget is going to increase. This will be detrimental to the look and feel of the series, so I’m sorry about that.

The music will include new tracks by various artists as well as the fantastic music that I normally use by Dan Pound. 

If we can secure a higher budget, we will be bringing a few more awesome things in. I’ve had a talk with some special effects artists and we may be seeing some cool aliens within the next few episodes if all goes well. Not just cucumbers with Google eyes on them. But we might have those. I just wanted to prepare you. 

Enjoy the last episode we made below:

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