Decline is a fantastic film, and I’m not just saying that because I scored it. I’m saying it because it deserves merit among the indie film community for being brilliantly shot, acted, and the sound design is absolutely top notch. Ryan Carter plays a man who’s on a downward spiral, coping with emotional problems, relationship issues and his hobby, which involves a little bit of the old Ultra Violence. It was a great little film to score, and I was pleasantly surprised when people like Monster Dugan of Blazing Minds complimented the music. I rarely get complimented on music these days, because most of the time, people don’t let me master the music and just roll with my demo tracks which is very frustrating as a film composer… Still this one was a little different, and we did quite well. The Diabolical horror film festival gave us a win for several different categories, including music. I think Decline is a favorite of mine because I was able to watch Ryan about 60-80 times in the film and he didn’t drive me up the wall like a lot of films I watch. The man has a lot of layers in there, he’s like an evil angry onion, and I really felt that he pulled off a fantastic performance. There are a lot of high ranking actors who haven’t kept my attention so well, but with direction like Sam’s it was definitely going to be a good one from the start. I worked previously with Sam on The Millennial Killer a film about what I’d do if I was an estate agent. (Funnily enough I WORKED for an estate agents a while back and we found a horrifying blood spill hidden by a cooker!) What a time to be alive! I loved working on Decline and hopefully it won’t be the last time I work with Sam or the team!

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