Video isn’t dead. Recently I got talking with my friend Nick Box, who is a bit of a legend in the UK Indy Cinema world – I’d worked with him on several titles from his company Dead Good Films like – and he told me about his quest to open a video store. Nick’s dream was to create his own cave of treasures, a shop where you could find all those amazing titles you just can’t get anywhere else. Videos, Beta-Max and more can now be acquired, retro style deep in the recesses of “The Crypt” in Blackpool.

You can find out more about Dead Format on their Facebook Page.

The Crypt just happens to be owned by Kurt Dirt, known for his bizarre performance art and work on several Troma films. Naturally, as fellow cinemaphiles we did what we could to help bring the dream to life, and like Frankenstein’s monster, a little juice got the whole thing up and running. Nick’s created something marvellous with Dead Format, and I cannot wait to see it flourish. I’d like to share with you a small podcast of the Dead Format podcast featuring Stuart Fitzsimmons, who I’ve also had the pleasure of working with on Mycophobia. I’m so happy that finally, one of my good friends is helping live this dream. I hope Dead Format will be around for many years to come.

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