If you have committed a crime. Drop any weapons you are carrying, open a channel on the intercom and tell everyone you are coming in peacefully and that you are unarmed. Ask for an officer to be at sec to process you and let them know you are heading down there. If you are in a room and sec is outside, even if you have just had a firefight, throw your weapons out and tell them you surrender, and are coming out peacefully. Do not under any circumstances resist arrest no matter how serious your crime.

If sec shoot you or hurt you and you are cooperating they are using unnecessary force during the arrest, which is regarded as misconduct in law. This can get you out of trouble easier and help in your case.

After you are taken in by sec, they need to read you your Miranda rights. If they do not, they are improperly doing their job, and any evidence seized against your will is seized illegally. This can no longer be used against you as it was improperly obtained. It’s worse for sec if they strip you publicly as this is a violation of your rights. 

You can and should ask for a space lawyer and tell them to watch my videos on space law. Not only will this help your case but it will help my watch time. 

If you are interviewed, you should state your name. Any questions you are asked you should reply with no comment. Nothing you can ever say to sec will ever help you in a court of space law. 

Know that your meeting is most likely being recorded and do not disclose any facts to your lawyer or anyone else. Your lawyer will be able to protect you better this way. If you reveal anything that could point the finger of guilt at you, you might be in trouble as they cannot keep potential evidence hidden.

Be polite and friendly. If they are recording you, it will help later in court. Tell them during the interview that you don’t intend to say anything other than no comment to everything and would rather save sec time. Do not crack, no matter what the sec team interrogator says to you, just respond to everything with no comment.

Demand a fair trial. No matter your crime, it is up to the prosecution to find you guilty and the worse your crimes, the harder it will be to get a sentence and the more proof they will need. Relax, sit back and let your lawyer ruin everyone’s day.

In court, you should be represented by someone trained in space law. Failing a lawyer appearing, you can appeal to the AI, using Law 1, as incarceration and punishment are classified as harm it will do everything it can to help you.

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