There has long been a war between the social media giants of our times and conservative thoughts and values resulting in rampant censorship, abuse and a fascist assault on people’s liberties. Over time people have become increasingly frustrated with their conversations being shut down and their beliefs trampled on in places which purport to have no clear political bias. 

One well known digital encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, has long had a series of values that are spurious at best, as we can see with it’s treatment of Gab and Parler, which have both been misrepresented and maligned on the platform, and currently hold misinformation on protected pages. So now, I think it’s fitting to use Wikipedia as the tool with which to judge the social media platforms they actively support and allow to thrive, rather than the ones they malign. I think we all know which ones I am talking about.

Let’s start off with two terms:

Wikipedia (2021) refers to Government as: “The system or group of people governing an organized community, generally a state.” 

A state can be classified as a polity, which in turn is classified as any group of people who have a collective identity who are organized by some form of institutionalised social relations, with a capacity to mobilise resources.  A polity can be a corporate board, and hence, a social media company in itself is a form of Government over it’s domain and controls the rules within it’s society.

Wikipedia (2021) refers to Dehumanization as: “the denial of full humanness in others and the cruelty and suffering that accompanies it. A practical definition refers to it as the viewing and treatment of other persons as though they lack the mental capacities that are commonly attributed to human beings. In this definition every act of thought that regards a person as “less than” human is dehumanization.” 

Dehumanization is common on modern social media platforms, it is a crime committed by the people on social media who deride and oppress others, and by the platforms themselves which not only support this behaviour but allow it to thrive through an incompetent and sometimes lazily automated system. 

Dehumanization is regarded as a Crime against Humanity. This crime against humanity on social media is not held in check, it is part of a controlling fascistic agenda, put in place to persecute people who are guilty of wrongthink. To label them as a dissenter. To deplatform them and force them into exile from their family and friends through indoctrination, through a clear agenda to subjugate people and to destroy those with different beliefs and ideologies.

Social media platforms as of the time I am writing this have too much power, and commit acts of atrocity against people who have done nothing to deserve it and condone misrepresenting and mistreatment of people on their platforms using a combination of twisted logic, “fact checking” which is provided by companies with a political agenda, and refusing to be responsive to issues on the platforms. 

People on social media also commit these acts of atrocity. I speak of course about the ‘noble’ SJW who is happy to use any number of blanket terms to condemn anyone with a slightly conservative mindset… Or more disturbingly, anyone who says anything that they can purposefully misconstrue for their sadistic attacks and purely narcissistic agenda. The use of blanket terms used to victimise people: Homophobe, Racist, Islamophobe, Nazi, Far-Right, etc, has become commonplace. People flock to those words to persecute someone, regardless of any form of proof that a person is guilty of any crime, looking to abuse and assault other human beings that may have done nothing wrong.

If you end up being called these words, there is nothing you can do to argue, no words you say, no proof you bring will be listened to, as the mob attacks mindlessly. It’s only desire is to reduce a human being to emotional rubble. This is all done in the name of the greater good, after all, you are no longer human. You are scum. If you think you are safe just because you believe in truth, justice and the same things the SJW purports to believe, you are wrong. At any time, anything you have ever said can be purposefully taken out of context, purposefully misconstrued and maliciously used against you.

So why would people who claim to be for equality and justice dehumanize anyone? Simple. They are trying to establish a moral and social dominance over you within the social hierarchy. They do not attempt to listen to you, or afford you any opportunity to have equal say or thought. They are not really interested in equality at all, they are merely interested in looking good socially. Not only this, but they are eager to witch hunt and character assassinate people in order to further their own sense of self importance, and care not a jot if they misrepresent someone. The word “sorry” is alien to them, as is confessing to making a mistake. Such is their narcissism, they cannot even see that they have made a mistake.

It is interesting how much the SJW relies upon and even calls for the established hierarchy of the platform for assistance, and uses arguments from authority citing politically biased news sources without respecting equality of response. It’s highly authoritarian and far-right in its approach.

There is a much contested quote “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” So certain social media platforms are contextually in accord with this quote. They came wrapped in the words of people claiming to want to bring people together and looking for truth, justice and all things wonderful. Instead they bring domination by fact checkers that write their own facts and distort the truth on a regular basis, by allowing and creating division in society, and pushing political power and agenda any way they see fit. 

It is easy to dehumanize anyone reading this, and believe me, I thank you for reading this. All I have to do is tell you you are a white supremacist, and that’s argument over. I don’t need to argue with you anymore because you are nothing more than an enemy of truth, justice and equality. You should feel ashamed, and I have the right to say whatever I like about you, to shame you and abuse you in whatever way I see fit.

This is how the radical right wing sociopaths that claim to be left wing think. No evidence presented, no capitulation, no apology is enough for the crime against humanity you never committed. But what do they do? They strip you of your right to be equally heard, they take from you your voice, your equality, your rights as a human being to stand up and say: “This isn’t who I am.” You are maligned, dragged through the dirt and stamped underfoot, and you may have done nothing to deserve it.

This behaviour is radical, dangerous, and it destroys lives, and pushes innocent human beings to suicide, and with suicide rates climbing in a world increasingly enraptured by the heady embrace of social media, we can only wonder when this madness is going to end.

When people are abused by the far-right SJW, they could be completely innocent of any and all actions they are accused of, yet friends, family and colleagues may turn against them as they might think that the SJW has some knowledge of that person they do not. Human beings who have done nothing wrong have been shunned out of society, and branded with hateful labels, surrounded by a cloud of hate, for things they never said, did, stood for, or thought.

Is it any wonder that people under such an oppressive doctrine of hate are easily radicalised and taught to hate?

We now live in a world where conservatives are terrified to post their real opinions and feelings on social media, not necessarily because they are wrong, but because they know they will fall victim to the terrifying hate crusade, led by sociopathic far right SJWs seeking to demonize them. The social media platforms are also happy to shut down people, with posts ‘disappearing’ and ban hammers being handed out regularly by the powers that be, whenever it is called for.

There is an oppressive atmosphere online created by a stifling of freedom and the suppression of anything that does not fit the narrative. This is endorsed, supported and nurtured by tyrannical groups of people who classify themselves as being the enemies of evil and by this disassociation with evil, they are, at least in their opinion, good. Evil is anyone or anything they deem to be evil, for whatever reason they wish. They can pluck these reasons, and present them with no evidence and still cause catastrophic damage that can ruin an innocent person’s life.

They play a very simple game which is often referred to as “association fallacy” it goes something like this. “You are this, therefore, you believe this.” This is incredibly ignorant and a very stupid form of argument. Even in social groups wherein a large number of people do share similar beliefs, it is never a good thing to assume that a person believes something, even if it is common within the group. It’s dangerous and can cause catastrophic harm. Try asking two filmmakers to agree on camera presets and remember they both fall under the blanket term of filmmaker. 

The SJW tends to appeal to emotional stimuli using a combination of trigger words to dehumanize their opponent. They use guilt by association to lower an opponent’s social status, and honour by association (with justice!) to raise their social status. This is the hierarchy game which they crave, and the main reason that it’s easier to associate them with the far right than the left which they claim so often to be, as they spare their opponent no equal footing, honour or quarter. 

Now we can look at absolutely any field or area in the whole of human history, and it is very hard, if not impossible to find two people who have exactly the same opinion about everything. We see arguments and debates in government, the sciences, and in all walks of life from acting performance techniques to anime, and there are disagreements and arguments about just about everything.

Guilt by association is a muddy water, and a reprehensible way to treat other people. They might even hold values you do not like or respect, but it doesn’t mean that your assumption another person feels or thinks a certain way is correct. It is also important to note that just because someone may have reprehensible views, that doesn’t make them wrong on certain topics, which means that if someone has something genuinely useful to say, despite not liking them, it can be good to listen.

Because I am a conservative, many people assume that this means I support the Conservative party of the United Kingdom, which I currently don’t. The truth of the matter is that I prefer them to the opposition who I see as being people who would systematically destroy this country and force it into a financial hell due to mismanagement of economics. I would vote for the conservatives as a tactical vote to help protect people from Labour. So why would I be against the Labour party, the party of opposition?

What some people see as “free transport” and “free school meals” will not be paid for by the government, but by the poorest in society due to the way the opposition currently wants to increase minimum wage, corporation tax and taxes on the rich, all of which have historically been bad for people on the lower rungs of society, like myself and my family and friends. With humans being replaced by machines in the workforce and having their work requirements expanded as their colleagues are let go, they will react in shock as they experience this, as every society has when it has experienced this. 

What I see from the Labour party is a concentrated effort to apply unrealistic financial pressure to the lower classes, so they develop a reliance on the government with “free transport” and “free school meals” and they see the government as a caring lifeline trying to fix a problem they blame on the economic policies of their conservative enemies.

It baffles me to the point of exasperation that no one can be bothered to do any form of research, and happily accept the words of the people who would financially and politically benefit most from Labour being in power. It is also quite amusing to note that in a world in which the Labour Party would be in power would be pandering to desirable hierarchy and opting out of self sufficiency which is more conservative in its approach. 

So what economic policies am I talking about? Increasing the minimum wage is a tax on the employers – so prices rise, workers are made redundant, replaced by machines where possible and have reduced benefits. Generally work requirements are increased as well so their performance at their job has to improve. Etc. This is also an issue with increasing corporation tax and taxing the rich who own companies. You will pay for those “free things.” More than you will for being self sufficient. Glittering trinkets, praised by shills, but worth a lot less than what you lose. 

I think wanting to protect people in society, especially the disabled and people on benefits and low wages who are struggling is a very human thing to do. I also think most people want people on benefits and low wages to have happier lives. I just think a lot of people do not understand economics and would rather attribute the majority success of the last conservative landslide election to idiocy and racism. Something that also baffles me especially considering the witch hunts of our last election. 

I find the majority of arguments against conservatives hold little water and usually result in the same things: Boris Johnson says silly things and looks like a haystack. Michael Gove looks like a cuttlefish. Theresa May is haunted by those fields of wheat. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a relic from the times of Queen Victoria. All of these are just personal insults because people do not like these people, and they just want to be nasty to them. I have seen a lot of humanity from all of these people, who have been cruelly maligned on social media, and often in the news.

So why is this important? This is a form of dehumanization. “Tory Scum! Tory Scum! Never Trust a Tory! Tory bastards! Every Tory a lying scumbag! Fuck the Tories. Look at this Tory in power, look at what a clown they are!” A collection of people, angry, frustrated with their lives, tearing at people out of sheer fury. Absolute hate. Consider for a moment that the majority of people in this country voted for the Conservatives in the last election. All these people are silent, having to listen to this abuse, ringing out. 

The one or two people who walk into the trap of responding and trying to bring facts to the table are dehumanized, stripped of any right to respond and are screamed and jeered off of social media by people who frankly in most cases have the intelligence and mental processing powers of a butternut. I realise the disservice I am doing to the butternut here, but I am merely being facetious. It was amusing to note that most people who are pro Labour and anti Tory seem to love the EU, but blame the Tories for issues caused by the EU’s laws. Reasoning with them is like arguing with a brick wall.

These people who dehumanize others claim to be victims of people in power. They accept people in power are dominant over them in the social hierarchy of society. Their answer is not to try and bring things up with others in a positive way but to tear people apart like a shoal of piranhas, sinking their teeth into an innocent victim. They wish for power over others, and it is incredibly desirable to them. So much so that they cannot be said to be true believers in equality.

It is interesting to note that whilst the true left believe in equality and respectfully allow their opponents a platform as equals, these far right SJW radicals oppress their enemies into silence through abuse, dehumanization and relentless mocking, and see deplatforming of individuals as something great. George Orwell said: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.” If stamping on others, dominating, controlling their lives, social profiles and banking, subjugating them and forcing them out of your perfect society because of labels you put on them, then maybe, just maybe you’re not the good person you claim to be. Maybe you’re a predatory SJW.

One thing to note is that there’s also an opposite side to the spectrum. People may like things not normally associated with them, their styles, ideologies or beliefs. A personal example: I do not like rap, I generally detest it as a musical form. Most people would assume that this means that I do not like all rap, and utterly reject the genre. This is incorrect. I rather enjoy a song called Stan by Eminem, who I respect as a lyrical genius, despite the fact I don’t enjoy most of his music. I also really liked Tonight’s Hero by Futurecop, (the version with Lyrics.) But overall, I dislike the genre.

In general, it is not good to reduce anyone to a stereotype as it strips a person of their individuality and dignity. For me to say these things about SJWs may be hypocritical and indeed, my opinions on SJWs are that they tend to be horrible or at least incontrovertibly misguided people. It does not stop me trying my best to talk to them in as human a way as possible and to respond as well as I can to their insane allegations and abuse. I try to listen and respond and that is my own failing as a human being. What I have learned from years of talking to these people is that there is no reasoning with them. The things we try and do in the name of universal brotherhood and friendship… 


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