If there is one man I owe a huge debt of gratitude to, it’s Chris Seaver. The man is a sheer genius and poet of the highest order. Charismatic, heroic and an awesome leader and friend, Chris has made some of the craziest films I’ve ever seen. From Low Budget Pictures to Warlock Home Video, Chris has created a beautiful universe of wackiness and weirdness the likes of which are seldom seen in film. His boldness as a director and eclectic cast and crew shine through in everything he works on. 

Finding out about his work all started with my dad dying, probably the worst incident of my life. I fell into absolute hell and started drinking and binge watching films to deal with it. One day, I came across a film called Terror at Blood Fart Lake. I looked at it with such disdain, the name said it all, it was going to be a trash flick to make fun of. Still it’d be good for a laugh, and I tried to watch it. Without alcohol to guide me, I didn’t really get what was going on and gave up after a minute or so. Later on, I started watching it with a bottle of ginger wine.

Before I knew what was happening, the sheer disgusting absurdity of that movie was making me laugh. Josh Suire as Caspian was an incredible sight to behold, witty, disturbing and just plain wrong, he was the first thing that made me laugh since my dad’s death, and now, a third of a lifetime later, I have come very far because of what happened after I finished watching. That one film in its essence changed my life. It’s funny the difference just one incident can make, because without it, I’d never have become a composer…

I hunted down the director, Chris, and asked if he was making another movie. He was making a sequel, so I helped fund it. Before I knew it, I was watching a lot of his flicks, and I begged him to use my music in his film. The music was awful but Chris was too insane to care. He used the music and made it work. Return to Blood Fart Lake was a disturbing success, and blessed me with some amazing friends, Jason McCall, Whitney VanHorn and later Noël Williams who helped me through some of the tougher times in my life.

After Return to Blood Fart Lake, Chris signed me on to write scores for the upcoming flicks he was making under a new label, Warlock Home Video. He gave some rough guidelines and pointed me in the direction of Fright Night and similar movies. I wrote two Warlock scores, which ultimately got used in several insane films. Chris was kind enough to give me a mention in Fangoria Magazine!

After that, I was picked up by Max Hey to work on The Green Goo, and Jeremy Garner to work on All Hell Breaks loose. Now, all these years later, I look back fondly on Chris. He is the guy that made me, his friends looked after me through some of the most challenging times of my life, and he saved me from my life of doing nothing of value.

Thank you Chris and the entire LBP crew. 


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