What am I able to use this music for?

Feel free to use music from this site in a big-budget professional film, an independent documentary, student film projects, advertising in commercials, even to put it in a Youtube video or slide show. Use it in theatre! Use it on the radio! Use it in Computer Games! Use it to annoy your neighbours and scare your grandparents! You can use the music for absolutely any project you like!

I work with a number of composers making sure that we deliver music that you can use: For my tracks, I would request only that you credit me as Chan Walrus and link other people to my website, If the music is written by another composer, which will be stated on the track, please give them credit for their music in the same way!

If you are ripping my music from Youtube share the videos you rip on your social media /Reddit /Facebook /Twitter accounts! I could use the exposure!

There are some things you cannot do with our music:

You cannot resell this music as your own product.
You cannot create a CD using only my music or including my music and sell it on without my permission.
You cannot post the music on your website for download without my permission.
You are not allowed to use the music as a backing track for a song or mix it into other tracks without my permission. (I’ll probably give it anyway, just ask!)

You cannot claim this music as your own. 

You cannot claim the sole right to use this music. It’s there for everyone who wants it.

I am not legally responsible for how my music is used, neither are the other musicians who work on providing music on this site.

You cannot use this music to legally attack me or any of the composers who work with me for any reason. (I’m sick of the people who DMCA my channel!)

In regards to computer games: If your game features our music, you may put it on your site for download as part of the game package. Other sound effects in the background and layered as part of the game do not classify as a mix or remix. Please credit the composers required where possible.

Lastly: If you are using my music, I would love it if you could make a donation to my work. This is not necessary but it will make me a happy bunny! Donations will help fund my projects! You can buy some of my music in Wav form, but you are free to rip it off Youtube. As I mentioned before, please just share it around! I need the exposure!

Also: I and the other composers I work with have no responsibility over how our music is used and what it’s used for. Hurrah! It’s nice to be so irresponsible! This license is subject to change, as most licenses are. Additionally if someone knows the cure for early baldness, please get in contact!

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