Here are some of the trailers for films I have been in, composed music for or worked on in some way or another!

All Hell Breaks Loose by Frenetic Films was an incredible thrill ride to work on! One of the finest films I ever had the good fortune to write music for. I got to work for a director I loved, (Jeremy Garner) and got to meet some of the coolest people ever. (Even if it’s only online!) Everyone who worked on this film is a legend. Definitely check it out if you get the chance!

She’s Dead got some high critical acclaim for it’s weird nature. Whilst the soundtrack was nowhere near loud enough for the film. (Sadly!) I really enjoyed working on this one. I worked with Dead Good Films like quite a few times and I’m involved with their projects to this day. We’re going to hopefully make a new, slightly less deviant studio!!!

Hi-8 or Horror Independent 8 was a fantastic project in which all the Indy films involved were shot on low tech equipment. I dedicated my services to Ron Bonk for the project working on the awesome Gang Them Style, which is one of my favourite musical scores to date. It’s one of the most radical Indy films I’ve been a part of!

If there’s one man I truly love in horror that’s Josh Suire, he brings a manic comedy to everything with a level of sheer lunacy that I really admire. Josh makes this beautiful Indy horror a hilarious masterpiece, as he does with everything, helped by fantastic direction and writing by my long time friend and master Chris Seaver. Truly diabolical genius!

From the crazy mind of Jacob Perrett comes Weird Fiction. A combination of… Well – Weird Fiction… Tune in to the Collector’s midnight Halloween special, and prepare yourself for four fantastically freakish tales. Weird Fiction features many classical horror tropes wrapped in a new, bizarre package, truly tantalising tales of terror!

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