Amazing news from Mycho Entertainment, one of my absolute favourite indie film companies! A whole host of their fantastic horror films can now be watched for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription! To have a look around and watch them, click: here!

Within their cool collection of horrors are some of my favourite Mycho Films to date, with more hopefully coming soon on the horizon. For people new to Mycho’s amazing plethora of films I would probably recommend looking at Legacy of Thorn first and foremost. Featured in horror blogs worldwide, and classified by many as an exceptional example of what an independent company can do without a massive budget, Legacy has all the hallmarks required to make it the cult classic it is slowly becoming. Legacy of Thorn tells the story of Jessica Lawrence and her friends enduring a living nightmare as she is hunted by an indestructible monster called Thorn. Featuring superb acting, direction, and a killer soundtrack, the film is definitely worth a watch!

Amongst the free films, you can also find Hollower, a personal favourite of mine. This film features agoraphobia, something I suffered with before I started doing drama. I hated going out and actually for the most part dealing with people. Adam Dillon expertly plays Nathan Robbins, a for the most part nice guy, who just so happens to have a certain darkness that manifests within him… I find Hollower to be pretty reflective of how I was when I kept indoors. Especially the waking up part. It was like every day felt the same. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea…

The coolest aspect of Mycho Entertainment is their commitment to bringing their own universe to the world of horror. Mycho films aren’t just your average dull horror flicks, devised for a cheap thrill, they’re a small part of something far, far greater. Each film in and of itself is a story, but the villains show up and take part in multiple stories set within the Mycho Universe. The Slasher House films are the nexus of the universe, where the huge plethora of Mycho’s terrifying killers come together and try and do battle with the mysterious “Red”.

I have worked with Mycho before, it was one of the best experiences of my life, and I recommend everyone interested in film-making, acting, or learning about film in general goes out and works with their team at some point or another. There is always something to do, and you get to work with some of the best people in the UK!

If you love Indie films, then you’ll probably love Mycho! To give their films a watch for free on Amazon Prime, click: here!

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