Infinitrap: Rehamstered

Infinitrap: Rehamstered tells the story of Ohio Jack, the second best explorer in the world in his quest to acquire the cup of immortality from the underworld! Jack must risk life and limb (sometimes literally!) in order to achieve his goals! Infinitrap is developed by Shadebob Games. Infinitrap features some beautiful graphics and fantastic gameplay and a soundtrack which I wrote. The game is available on Steam and Gamejolt. To acquire it, please click here!


Star Sonata is a space trading game, taking the form of an MMO. You start off as the captain of a small star ship in a hostile universe teeming with life. With a small player base, it has been developed¬† constantly since it’s release in 2004 by Landauer Games. I have worked on the game developing ideas and content and run several small marketing campaigns for it. I love Star Sonata very much, as it’s reminiscent of Escape Velocity, Ares, and Star Control II. The best part of all is that you can achieve the title of Emperor, allowing you to be immortalised in the game, creating a special item to be named after you… Star Sonata II is free with p2p options. To download and play,¬†click here!

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