Destination: Death!!!

Max Underwood is a young teenager growing up in the town of Netherfield. The year is 2470, and not much has changed. The humanity of our species is dying faster than ever and the fate of the future hangs above our heads.

The murder rates in Netherfield are escalating and with corrupt cops on the streets, dangerous hoodlums lurking in the shadows and sinister star jelly inexplicably converging on the streets, Max must face up to one simple fact. His death is absolutely irrevocably going to happen.

An Alien Time Traveller comes to Earth in order to change history by eliminating three bloodlines that ultimately would destroy the human race, but its motives are potentially more sinister than it lets on…¬†Earth is caught in the middle of an intergalactic war that hasn’t happened yet, and Max is the only person who can save everyone.

Destination: Death!!! is my first novel, and therefore the best book I have ever written. What I mention here is just a small teaser of a much larger universe within my first ever book. I am taking painstaking care to get the novel right, so when it’s finally done, it will hopefully be a fantastic work of science fiction. Destination: Death!!! Features adult themes and situations, occasional horrific violence and sex scenes that make the Greasy Strangler look like the most romantic film of all time. I can’t wait to unleash this monstrosity on the world, and watch my friends and family drop away in sheer horror during the aftermath!

If you’d like to support a starving artist, please consider donating: Here – If you do, I’ll hook you up with a digital copy once the novel is done! Just let me know in the message when you donate! Thank you!

Special thanks to Stefan Sava for his phenomenal artwork!

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