I’ve long been a believer in supporting charities online. Gener8 is an Ad Blocker that replaces a large number of the adverts you see on the internet with cute pictures of puppies and other feel-good photos! It doesn’t replace or block absolutely everything, however, there’s a great reason to use it! Over time you pick up Gener8 credits over your scrolling through the internet, and these credits can be spent on supporting charities of your choice. Gener8 sees the adverts and blocks them, giving you credits per advert that you would normally have to see.

These credits amount to having as small cash value, as Gener8 is paid to see the ads in your place. A small trickle of money goes to Gener8 for blocking the ads, and you can use some of this money to support charities of your choice by donating your credits. If you spread your ref-link around the net as well, you can access other things in their Marketplace.

The charities on Gener8 change every month, so if you don’t find anything you want to support this month, you can save up for next month!

Join Gener8 by clicking here today and let’s make the world a better place!


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