Chan Walrus

A babbling incompetent from beyond the stars, Chan’s brain was scrambled long ago, leaving him a broken shell of his former self. Capable of small moments of brilliance, Chan seeks to change the universe… Somehow, and probably in a villainous way, because villainy is fun!

Christopher T. Mandrake

Mild mannered, sarcastic and insane, Christopher T. Mandrake is an old friend of Chan’s. Mandrake copes with Chan’s inability to live a normal life and tries his best to work with him. Mandrake’s eyes were heavily damaged by radiation many years ago, and have a hypersensitivity to light.

Terry B. Traitormass

Traitormass, known as the Man with a Thousand Faces and is known as the universe’s most treacherous man. Wrestling with madness on the edge of oblivion, Traitormass struggles to achieve the most treacherous form of Treachery: The Ultimate Betrayal of Himself.

Avery Guido Veil

A law officer working for Galactipol, Avery stole a Space Freighter to chase after Walrus and Mandrake when they went on the run. Avery is relatively cunning and fuelled by his constant need for recognition and vengeance.

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