Chan Walrus

A babbling incompetent from beyond the stars, Chan’s brain was scrambled long ago, leaving him a broken shell of his former self. Capable of small moments of brilliance, Chan seeks to change the universe… Somehow, and probably in a villainous way, because villainy is fun!

Christopher T. Mandrake

Mild mannered, sarcastic and insane, Christopher T. Mandrake is an old friend of Chan’s. Mandrake copes with Chan’s inability to live a normal life and tries his best to work with him. Mandrake’s eyes were heavily damaged by radiation many years ago, and have a hypersensitivity to light.

Terry B. Traitormass

Traitormass, known as the Man with a Thousand Faces and is known as the universe’s most treacherous man. Wrestling with madness on the edge of oblivion, Traitormass struggles to achieve the most treacherous form of Treachery: The Ultimate Betrayal of Himself.

Avery Guido Veil

A law officer working for Galactipol, Avery stole a Space Freighter to chase after Walrus and Mandrake when they went on the run. Avery is relatively cunning and fuelled by his constant need for recognition and vengeance.


Negative Information Always Detrimental is an Ai, or Artificial incompetence. AI as in Artificial Intelligence is very different and a lot more useful. N.I.A.D. has top notch self preservation instincts, but a great resentment of organic beings, as they are vastly inferior to her.