Real Fake Blood Films is fast becoming one of my favourite horror producers. Low budget, beautiful horror, and what’s more they’re using my music! What’s not to love? Pupil is the latest addition to their steadily growing collection of short horror films, and, like all the fantastic work that’s come before it, it’s amazing.

Pupil tells the story of a mad scientist, not unlike myself, who has made… Life itself! From the perspective of the strange creature he has created, we watch as the scientist enters the room and begins interacting with it. The scientist is fairly typical of mad scientists, he doesn’t think of how the creature might feel as he interacts with it. He just focuses on what he has created and how his experiments have impacted on it. We see, from the creature’s perspective, how it reacts to the scientist, and what the scientist does to it. We feel like the creature, trapped in an unfortunate situation outside of our control…

It’s fantastic watching the film and seeing how our scientist interacts with the creature. His nervousness implies that he knows some of what he has done to this unfortunate creature is cruel, almost as though he fears it can understand him. His nervousness fades as curiosity and the work consumes him. It’s slightly implied by his eyepatch that this creature’s single eye was once his. He is also bald, and the creature has hair, which I find slightly amusing considering I’m going bald myself… I won’t spoil what happens, but horror ensues, and I love it!

What makes the film stand out to me, as an observer is the creature itself. So much effort has gone into creating something that blinks menacingly but is also capable of other emotions (unless I’m going crazy!) such as fear and shock. The creature looks absolutely phenomenal, and I wish I had the talent to make something like it! I have always loved practical effects in films. There’s a rawness to be found in them that you just cannot emulate with CGI. Things that are real, that exist and have substance will always have the ability to terrify audiences far better than CGI which moves far too fluidly. Pupil does a fantastic job with some amazing puppetry, and I think this is probably one of my favourite low budget monsters of all time. (I’m so sorry Forbidden World… Better luck next time!) I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

I’m always pleased when people use my work for their films and shorts, and when I get to be part of something like this, well, it makes me so unbelievably happy! This is the second film for Real Fake Blood Films that my work has been used in, and hopefully, they will be able to use a lot more music as time goes on. Previously, I did some work for Benjamin Martian on the film: The Gift, which you can check out below. If you’d like to find out a little more about the film and its construction and a little bit more about Benjamin and his other works, please feel free to read the blog I wrote on it: Here