I find it really interesting the amount of people who add me because I’ve been involved with indie film groups then immediately send me project fundraisers for their projects. Mate, I can’t even afford to make my own crappy sci fi series. I have no interest in a vapid love story with LUTs and overdone unfitting music. I’m not interested in something that’s claiming to be the best indie film that will ever be made, featuring a bunch of nobodies, or Z rank celebrities. I don’t care about horror projects, I’ve worked on over 100 of them. I am not and never will be a master like John Carpenter, and nothing any indie film maker has ever shoved down my throat has ever been worth supporting. I’ve worked with countless people, including some big names, some small names. I don’t care who’s in a film as long as they are enjoyable to watch, and I gain more joy from watching the silly antics of Chris Seaver’s army of absolute lunatics messing around with their fantastic feelgood movies, than most of what Hollywood has to offer.
I know, I sound like a jerk right? – I get on average 5 or 6 people a month adding me on Facebook. Within about 5 minutes of accepting a friend request, I get a copy pasted sales letter to support their film, not even tailored to anything relating to me, it’s just: “Hi Alex”, -Insert Paste Here-, no “Hi Chan, you’ve supported x in the past, and I was wondering if you can check out my movie I’m working on. You know, show you know me by my actual film making identity. They have no interest in me, or my work, just an interest in my wallet, which is empty and dusty, and full of black mold. Here’s the thing… I LOVE working on films for people. I make music for people to use in their films for free and have been involved in over 150 projects in the last 10 years (as of writing this blog.) This doesn’t count the people who have used my music for their projects. I’ve lost track of those.
Every once in a while, I see something different. Something a little weird, new and out there, and it’s something that I don’t expect. I’ve been contacted time and time again with “Original films” about a “Protagonist, usually female” being chased through the woods by an “Antagonist, usually male/deformed” with a “chainsaw/knife/cleaver/insert weapon here” who intents to “murder/snuggle struggle” the Protagonist. This is boring, unoriginal content. Standard tropes include: Bad Sound Mixing. Bad Acting. Shaky Cam. Unfitting Music. Boring Sex Scenes. More Shaky Cam. Boring Naked Scenes Where Some Poor Actress Has Been Told This Will Make Her Famous… The list goes on.
So yeah a while back I was browsing on Facebook and I saw something different I actually wanted to support. I’m glad it was made. It is incredible. Watch it. Papa’s Sonata is both brilliant, and terrifying. It’s an unusual piece, it’s original and it’s a great film. If more people made things like this, I wouldn’t be so jaded. Marcus Graham is a genius. This piece is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, it’s beautiful. I’m glad it was made. Please watch it and enjoy!