About Me

It was a dark night, the night of November 27th, 1986. A sliver of moon hung in the sky, and somewhere in the universe, wolves howled… That was the night I was born, and many years later, I howl like my lupine brothers every time I stub my toe. My name is Alex O’Neil, and many people know me as Chan Walrus due to it being the name I use as both a composer and actor. I have worked on over 150 games, films and short films in a variety of different roles. I generally work with low budgets. Chan Walrus: Space Adventurer is one of my ongoing projects, a short series shot on an incredibly low budget, which combines the styles of Red Dwarf and Blake’s 7 with an eclectic mix of insanity and weirdness which I hope people will enjoy!

For those interested in my film work, you are welcome to check out my IMDB profile to see the films I’ve been involved in! Check out my CV here!

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